Wicked Leak has now launched a 5 inch smartphone (Phablet) called Wammy Note for Rs. 11,000. The Wammy note runs on ICS OS powered by a 1GHz processor with 512MB RAM.

Under the hood there is the MTK6575 single-core processor clocked at 1GHz. The smartphone supports dual SIM with dual standby mode. On the first look the handset almost looks identical to the Samsung Galaxy note.

Android 4.0.3 sails on 512MB RAM with 4GB internal storage. The capacitive super HD touchscreen display as already mentioned is 5 inches in size with 260K colour output over an 800×480 pixels resolution.

The handset supports 3G, 2G, come with built in Wi-Fi, micro USB and Bluetooth. The Wammy Note is 12mm thin with a weight of 192 grams. There are dual cameras, one in the front of 1.3 MP resolution and the other 8 megapixel camera on the rear with LED flash, Auto Focus and burst mode that can click 16 shots in 2 seconds.

The battery (li-ion) is of 2500 mAh capacity and the box pack contains an extra battery pack which will come handy when travelling. Over all the features look good and a close resemblance (design wise) to the galaxy note.

The Wammy Note is a mixture of Micromax A100 and the Micromax A90. The 5 inch taken from A100 plus the 8MP camera borrowed from the A90. I will be getting the Wammy note review unit next week so except a full review on it soon.

Wammy note 5 inch phablet from wicked leak

Wicked leak Wammy note ICS smartphone

Wammy Note Key features and specifications

  • Dual SIM / Dual Standby.
  • 1GHz single core processor with Android ICS (4.0)
  • 4GB internal storage, 512MB RAM and microSD support.
  • 1.3MP front + 8MP rear AF camera with flash and burst mode.
  • 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, microUSB and 3.5 mm jack.
  • 2 x 2500mAh battery.
  • Price Rs. 11,000 with 1 year warranty (+ extra charges) – Total 11,299. Visit Wicked Leak site for more info.

Wicked Leak has already announced that they will be launching Jelly Bean updated on many of their devices in September and possibly include the Note too.

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  1. I purchased wammy desire tab, around a month it’s usb port is not working.. I am not able to use my 3G dongle what should I do ? . I tried many OTG cables available in marketing but not working only USB gamepad is running..
    Please resolve this problem ASAP…

  2. I just wanted to share my experience about weaked leak, I bought wammy desire Tab from there site the Tab was good, but in first 20-22 days battery problem started then I contacted them,they gave me some suggestions but it didn’t work and finally I have to ship the product to Mumbai (I am staying in pune) For that I have to spend 1200 Rs (Shipping+Repair charges) That is to be within one month after buying,still I appreciate them that at least they replied me. Also when I got tablet back its screen is not properly attached I have to press it to fix it to below screen.And now its usb port is not working and I am unable to use 3G dongle I contacted them but yet no answer.But its very tedious if repeatedly some problem comes you have to ship the tab to mumbai and you have to bare the charges.Not good deal buying something which does not have proper service network. Recently I wanted to buy a mobile I like the wammy titan and sensation but because of my previous experience I bought Micromax A90s at least I will get service in my city.

    1. Hi Priyadarshi,

      Thanks for the comment. The issue stands resolved as of date.Charges were reimbursed as promised.

      We quote from your email to us : “Got the tablet, thanks for quick delivery and no repair charges, It is working fine now” for sake of fellow users.

      WIckedleak Team


  3. Pl avoid wickedleak it is cheap chinese product. The reseller is cheap fly by night operator . They just dont respond to the problem with the product. If u want to cry buy their product. My order no1696 has not been serviced by them. They just deny and dont respond to the problem. Buy establishd company with good reach and after sale service

    1. Dear Yogender,
      Name and order dont match. Unethical comment which cant be justified.

      Would request moderator to remove the same.

  4. hello Gogi sir, wammy note is now DUAL CORE, please check wickedleaks website. They clearly mention that its Dual core and price is increased from 11k to 12k. Please check and give us review about performance and speed. Thanks.

  5. I purchased WAMMY NOTE and seller supplied one dead battery with new Note.. On my complaint of dead battery seller advise of by email to charge dead battery for 10 hrs. I kept it charging for 10 hrs but it brusted. Now seller alleging my fault of wrong current. Pl think before buying as there is no countrywise service network. You have to depend on the mercy of seller of WAMMY NOTE as he is in Mumbai you may not be able contact personally to get service if U are away from Mumbai. I am unable to get replacement of dead supplied battery.

    1. Dear Sir,

      We have done a detailed investigation of the matter. It was found that Mr Bharat had used another alien charger which caused oversupply and battery to be behave in this way on the wammy note. We had clearly recommended the user not to do the same.

      Thus this was case of user caused damage due to over supply. However it should be noted that the Wammy note continued to perform perfectly fine with the extra battery. The replacement of Back cover was chargeable to the user which was resolved addressed to user swiftly by us.

      Wickedleak Team

      1. Where can we buy Wammy Note in Delhi? Apprecitae if any store address or Dealer’s phone number can be provided and if compared Wammy note with Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas2 , Spice Stellar Horizon Mi-500 and Intex Aqua 5.0, which one should I go for as I don’t want to spend 30k + on HTC one x + or Samsung S3 and Note 2. If I am getting feautres of Samsung s2 in the above mentioned Phablet’s, then I am happy. Thanks and Regards,

  6. Dear gogi, can you tell me two things about wammy note, one is bluethooth is with a2dp and second things about size of the phone length-width-depth, I have checked nxg fab they have mention wrong size length is 147-width is 67-depth is 12, nxg mention width is – 86 and depth is-9.7, what about wammy note they have mention size 144-89-12 it is true please clear my doubt.

  7. Hi Gogi,

    This article seems to be modified and comments from many people (John, Dr Rajeev Ranjan, Sri etc.) including mine one are not visible.

    Can you please look into it and let us know what is the reason behind it?



    1. Anju can you check now? I had enabled pagination for comments (split comments into multiple pages) but have removed it now.

  8. (Gogi, ignore earlier comment!)

    Dear Wickedleak Team,

    We prefer to buy your product, even though, it is technically inferior to NXG Xfab in terms of lower battery capacity, lack of magnetic sensor and lack of wide service centre support as compared to NXG Xfab. However, we do not like the very BIG LOGO of yours. We want to be proud owner of your product. Kindly consider replacing your current logo with a smart looking compact one.

    For more info on technical comparison:

    With regards


      1. Dear Gogi,

        Thanks for the prompt reply. Would you suggest NXG Xfab or Wammy Note? Xfab is costlier than Wammy Note, even though, they share almost the same specs except Magnetic compass, additional 300mAH battery (ie 2800 mAH instead of 2500 mAH) and wide service centre support (even at Indore, where I reside). A comparison is uploaded at:
        Expecting your reply,


        1. Jogy, the CPU specs is not clear on Xfab, they just say Cortex A9, the Wammy note is also cortex A9 – MTK6575. The 16M / 256K or 280K colours hardly make any different for many users, unless you are viewing a very high resolution image. The screen size again is 5.2 vs 5.0 inches. Now 800×480 resolution on a smaller screen will look better hence 5 inch will be slightly better than 5.2. If you compare Samsung Galaxy Note the screen resolution is 1200×800 for 5.3 inches. Rest all features I guess is the same. There is a small battery mAh difference. Also not sure if Xfab will give the jelly bean update.

          1. Dear Gogi,

            Ya, I agree with you. For a given screen resolution of 800×480, if the screen size increases, the "pixel per inch" will reduce, leading to poor viewing experience. Regarding CPU and GPU specs, I have asked Suresh for the information, who bought it recently. I shall update my BOX file, as soon as I receive the infos.


  9. Can I get a review about its 8MP camera performance? Specs says its having 8MP camera, can I see any indoor/outdoor pictures taken by the camera? I tried searching on official website but didn't found any sample pic or any user reviews about the main camera. Plz help me outta this.

  10. HI gogi

    My gtalk is able to connect to wifi but not able to communicate with Vodafone network May me I have done some changes but doesn't know how to revert it

    Please gogi help me out