Dual core Wammy Desire (1024×600) unboxing and review

Wickedleak have now launched the dual core Wammy desire with 1024×600 pixels resolution that will cost Rs. 500 extra. Users can select from 800×480 or 1024×600 versions.

I have already done a review on the Wammy Desire dual core tablet which did give an impressive benchmark score. The new Desire is nothing less in fact a little better even with a higher resolution. It seems the Jelly Bean OS has been tweaked a little more.

Box pack
The box pack contains the tablet, charger, USB to Micro USB cable, USB to Micro USB OTG cable and user manual. There are no earphones.

Inside the Hood
It’s the same (Rockchip – RK30board) clocked at 1.4 GHz (as per video review) with Mali 400 MP GPU. The RAM is 1GB and you get internal storage of 8GB with micro SD slot for adding up extra space. The tablet runs on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OS.

  • 1G storage for Apps of which 833 MB is free.
  • 1GB RAM of which 613MB is free.
  • 8GB internal space of which 1GB assigned for apps and 5.12GB available for users (internal storage).

Wammy desire screen

The screen resolution is 1024×600 which looks pretty good with sharper fonts and more clarity. The touch is smooth and responsive. There is no lags, apps load, run and install faster. You can play 1080p movies with ease.  And not to forget this dual core tab can easily play many high end games.

The tab supports 3G via external dongle and the text rendering on stock browser was very smooth. The benchmark scores are even better.

Quadrant Benchmark : 1st test 3744, 2nd test 3812.
Antutu Benchmark : 12318 and 2nd test 11918.
Nenamark2 : 61.3fps.
Linkpack : Single Thread : 39 Multi Thread: 63
MultiTouch : 5 point.

The battery is the same i.e. 3000 mAh capacity and should give a decent usable time of more than 4 hours on a single charge.

Wammy Desire 1024×600 review
The screen is better, the performance / OS slightly improvised. No doubt this is a really good tablet when it comes to overall performance.  It is better to spend an extra Rs. 500 and get the 1024×600 instead of the 800×480 pixel version.

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Wammy Desire unboxing and review video

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  1. Tuhin De says

    I am using this tablet for 1 year,but i am very sorry to say that i only use this tablet for 150 hours in this whole year. it is very hungry for charge and only gives you a backup of 3 hrs.. but this is not the main problem, the main problem is to get it charged, you have to try for 2 days to fully charge it, it is simply because the charger they provide with this tab is a piece of crap & does not last even for 3 months. Every three months or so you would have to ask wickedleak to provide a new charger.

  2. Sovit Manjani says

    I am interested in Wammy Magnus Mainly of Ebooks reading and internet. I have 2 main concerns 1) Battery life, 2) After sales Support. Kindly Suggest.

  3. Pinaki says

    hello shahbaz and prateek… plz help me out…. i want go buy wammy desire
    …Is it really a good tab. does it hv some problem(except low battery back up)
    will u recommend it to buy or to go for any other tablet ( within 9k)
    I want the tablet for gaming and net surfing. Will it get my job done properly?????.
    I hope u will reply.
    Thanx in advnce

    • shahbaz says

      Hi Pinaki,

      Yup this tab is the best in given budget . But get the 1024×600 version which is more powerful ……I suffer frm heating problems …I dnt kno about others….but for gaming its the best buy and it handles heavy games easily ……for me only con is battery and heating problem …but it is true value of money…

  4. shahbaz says

    please anyone help me…..

    my tablet is locked due to too many wrong pattern attempts done by my younger brother.
    wifi is off so google account not working..
    please if anyone knows how to go in recovery mode do tell me.
    the reset button on back side, i pressed it many times but it just rebooted the tab.please tell me if i m going wrong.
    please please someone help me

    • Amartya B says

      long press the power button to switch the tab off then press the volume up and the home button and the power button to go into recovery and then select wipe data factory reset.

      • shahbaz says

        but wammy desire doesn’t have any home button. it just has power button and volume rockers…plzzz help me…and thanks for replying.

        • Amartya B says

          Ok then press and hold the volume up down and power button at the same time then when tab boots up press the vol up button to go into recovery.

          • shahbaz says

            it is going in recovery but no options to choose from. I hav seen the same recovery in ma bros ics phone…to get options we hav to press home button ..then the options shows up…plzzz help me….thanks for replying brother …plzz guide me forward

          • shahbaz says

            It’s going in recovery. But no options to choose from. I have seen same recovery in my bro ics phone, we have to press home button to show up options, but in tab no home button …now what to do …plzz..help

  5. sushant says

    Dual core wammy desire (1200×600) can support to 2G dongle………..please give me replay on my email….and also give your contact number. I want to ask some question….

  6. says

    Passion Y is also a great phone in Wammy series, competing with high end smartphones with very very smart price

  7. Prateek says

    I have Just Ordered this tablet with the resolution 1024X600 but it totally different from what you have shown in your video.Even the Box is totally diffferent and contains no details about the tablet or even the company logo.
    Please reply ASAP….

    • shahbaz patel says

      Hey prateek I also ordered it my box is also different and tab fully black boot animation is different can you describe your one and also do you have heating and battery problem…

      • shahbaz patel says

        @wickedleak team..

        I m having sum battery issues not charging till 100% and not lasting for even 2 hours with minimum brightness and wifi off..
        Plz help and I ordered the pouch and paid for it but I didn’t got it.
        I emailed but no proper reply..
        Plz ship it to me as I have paid for it..plzz

        • prateek says

          @ shahbaz patel

          I am having same battery issues. Used 2x Battery Saver app. Increased battery life by 10% .And wickedleak customer care advised to charge the battery to 100% and then drain it to 0% And to repeat the cycle 4-5 times. They said that this would increase the battery’s Output. I am doing it and you should try the same.

          • shahbaz patel says

            Hi prateek
            I tried it and saw and increas in battery output but not much and having some heating issues after half n hour of use it becomes so hot that its inconvenient to use it r u havin same issue …

        • says

          Hi Prateek and SHahbaz.

          Please do a battery calibration after a complete charge to 100%. This happens if battery has died out completely. You can download battery calibration apps from google play store. If you need further assistance on the matters please get in touch with us on Wickedleak.org or call our customer care.

      • prateek says

        @ Wickedleak Team

        The person who placed my order didn’t tell me about it And i wasn’t provided with the packaging Options.

        Still It doesn’t matter that much. I just wanted to make sure that i got the right version.


  8. shahbaz patel says

    Hey gogi I got this tab but my one is full black. But having some battery issues not lasting for even one hour….. Plz any solutions…

    • gogi says

      You can try setting brightness to minimum and / or try using battery saver app. If still getting the same output check with Wickedleak support.