Karbonn A15 review and unboxing – the Micromax Ninja 4 killer

The Karbonn A15 is here with a 1GHz computing power, 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage running on the ICS Android 4.0 OS with a 4 inch WVGA screen for under Rs. 6,000. Specification wise it clearly beats the Micromax Ninja 4.

The A15 box
Even though the handset is of a smaller size the box seems a little bigger. Inside the box you will find the A15 handset, earphones, micro USB to USB data cable, power adapter, user manual, service center booklet and a free scratch guard.

The handset looks pretty decent, its all black. This time it seems Karbonn has given more emphasis on the back model instead of the white, as black is easily available. The front side panel surrounding the touch screen is glossy black and the rear side is black matte finish.

The handset is comfortable to hold. There are 4 dedicated touch buttons on front side, power button on top, the volume rockers on the left and the micro USB slot on the left side. On the rear you will find the 3MP camera (without LED flash), karbonn logo and speaker out. There is light, proximity and G-sensors. There is no front facing or secondary camera.

Inside the Hood
The Karbonn A15 is powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM7627A (Snapdragon S1) ARMv7 Cortex A5 processor with Adreno 200 GPU. The RAM is 512MB and 4GB internal storage. There is 581MB storage assigned for apps (of which about 503MB is available) and 2.56GB for user storage. Of the 512MB RAM users get over 200MB to 225MB free.

Karbonn A15 box

There is 3G with HSDPA support of up to 7.2 Mbps, 2G, Wifi, GPS with A-GPS and Bluetooth. Wifi direct, hotspot is supported. USB and bluetooth tethering is also supported. The handset runs on Android ICS and supports Dual SIM with standby mode.

The display screen is 4 inches supporting resolution of 800×480 pixels with 2 point multitouch. The battery is of a decent 1420 mAh capacity.

A15 Performance
No doubt the handset performs much better than the Micromax Ninja 3 as well as the Ninja 4. Thanks to the 512MB memory and a good 503 MB storage space there is plenty of room for more action on the Karbonn A15.

The touch is smooth and responsive, website text rendering is pretty good with a mild lag. I installed many apps most of them were the benchmark tools and a few games and all of those worked pretty well, no lags.

Karbonn smart A15 lock screen

There is an option to choose the SD card as default install location for new apps. However only a few apps are actually installed directly on the (External) SD card and for most apps it will install on the phone memory (503MB space) and you will need to move it to SD if you see that option.

For a price for under Rs. 6,000 with a impressive WVGA resolution and ICS OS this is the best you can get, for now.

Benchmark scores

Quadrant – 1924 ~ 1871.
AnTuTu – 4125 ~ 4152.
NenaMark2 – 20.4fps.
LinPack – Single (37)  – Multi (35).

The is no front camera and the rear camera is of 3MP resolution without flash. It is a fixed focus camera that can also record videos in VGA resolution.

You can check some of the sample image here http://www.flickr.com/photos/gogirana/sets/72157632152281398/

This handset comes preloaded with DSPManager app to enhance the sound output on headset, loudspeaker and even bluetooth headset.

You cannot play 720p movies on this handset. I tried it with MX player but was not at all smooth. However you will be able to watch low resolution movies (not more than 640×480 pixels resolution), you can also convert the movie files to supported format.

Many of the common games will work on this handset. I tried Andry birds and Temple Run both worked pretty well. You may also be able to play certain HD games, but don’t expect too much.

I tried the GPS, started Google maps and got a fix it less than 5 seconds. The GPS is without A-GPS support. However there is an option when checked will use the Wi-Fi and mobile networks for approximate location in case GPS satellite signal fails.

1420mAh Battery
The battery seems pretty good and I have not charged it since I started the review. I believe it can easily last for over a day with moderate usage.

Karbonn A15 review
Instead of buying the Micromax Ninja 3 or the Ninja 4, better go for the karbonn A15. For normal users this is the best option, they can installed many apps and games without any issues. The 3MP camera output is not that great but good enough for sharing with social contacts. The only disappointment is that you cannot video chat as there is no front camera.

The FM radio is good, works better when you in the open just like on many handsets. And you need to connect the earphones for it to work. When composing messages you can use the keyboard only in portrait mode.

For under Rs. 6,000 this is a good buy, go for it!

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Karbonn A15 Unboxing and review video

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  1. Vipul says

    Bought it on 10th of March, really slow, always hanging and restarting piece of s**t got software (OS) corrupted on 16th june, submitted to service centre on 26th june, they said they will return it back after 1 month….after months'' of calling they returnd it to me on 4th Oct'' (thank God I called them that day), when I went there to receive the handset and asked them about y they didn't call me when it arrived, that stupid a#*h*#* lied that they did call but I didn't pick up. :<, however I was happy that I got it back so didn't argue, told me to check the handset, I did, was ok, inserted memory card of samsung 4gb fully formatted** inserted both my sim cards and happily went back to home, amazed that battery meter was 70% up even after 2 1/5 months. Kept it on my bed. I checked it after 1 hour, to my surprise 'swipe to unlock' did not appear, I kept on pressing power button to start it up, but all in vain (wat d hell). Then I removd battery and placed it again, connected the charger. Big green charging icon'' appeared and I had such a relief, but just after 5 mins it went dead and didn't start up no matter wat I tried. I called the service centre again. They told me to bring it back again. Discussed the problem. He said he will try to fix the issue in the centre it self if possible'' otherwise they'll have to send it to company to repair it. A guy next to me had the same issues with his A15, he was really pissed off, I asked him and he told me the similar tragedy, (dnt laugh plz), service man told me to make a call tomorrow, so I did, they said they cudnot fix it and sent it back to company :( (which means again 2-3 months of hiatus and my money Rs.6050 in jeopardy), I called them after few day to knw if it is possible to replace the handset, and that arrogant SOB said '' main company ka Maalik nhi hu, customer care se baat kro''. :( I went to home to see customer care No.- which is 1800-102-4660; and trust me I dialed it countless times from morning to night, but always the number busy, never heard a single ring……. Really this mobile doesn't worth a s**t, its a waste of money and time, I really wanna sue these 'Karbonn' guys for such harassment. Guys plz help me, how to lodge consumer complaint against them?
    Plz reply, waiting…… Vipul (from Nagpur).

    • sumedh says

      vipul, i was lucky that i got my handset at 4500rs and it lasted for 10 months before it went dead, so i kinda had utilised all its worth till then, and learning from ur experience i dont expect my handset will be revived, have given it to the service centre & got myself another phone. i m from nagpur too :)

    • Rifad says

      Had same problem here also..bough it in jan..got complaint in july..gave it to customer care..dey said board dead…so dey sent to company…the company reported dat spare not available…so waited 5 months n den dey sent me another set Karbonn a10. Much better specs..still lost d trust in rebranded set..

  2. sumedh says

    finally, after serving well for last 10 months, my A15 decided to go dead in the middle of night and refused to start inspite of alll efforts. had to take it to the service centre, where i was told that it will have to be sent to bangalore and may take anywhere from 1-2 months . R.I.P. my A15 …

    • Sandeep.H says

      Give it to Service Centre, its the only option as its a hardware fault. Me too got encountered this issue, and mine was repaired and now working perfectly. Took 1 month to get back the handset after repairing though.

  3. Sandeep.H says

    Ok, so I’ve been using this phone for the past 6 months and guess what .. the phone successfully got delivered to Service Center (They told, they have to deliver it to Delhi and perform the servicing, as I’ve purchased online -> saholic.com, and it takes about 30days :( ) The problem encountered was, white lines appearing in the screen. So even though the phone is good for the price, its not recommended for long term use. Just my 2 cents. Thanks.

  4. vijay says

    Hi gogi
    can we upgrade to 4.1 jell bean os or not
    plz tell me frnz

  5. Prashant says

    Dear all ,

    My Karbonn A15 is not locking when tried to lock from power up button.

    Can anyone provide the solution.


    • Sandeep.H says

      Go to Settings > Security > And check “Power button instantly locks the device”

  6. Vishu says

    Dear Sir,
    I Purchased Karbonn A15 and Quite satisfied in the terms of its performance if i do compare with its budgeted Price.But
    One query that I m unable to get ENTER Button option while typing Message,there is only one Smiley Insert button shows in space of ENTER Button.
    Please suggest how i can get the same in messaging.

  7. irfan says

    micromax a89 have:

    more ram
    better look than k a15
    more computing power as it z dual core
    better chipset cpu and gpu than k a 15
    a89 is slimmer than a15 more comfortbl to hold

  8. Ocean says

    Plz, help me in choosing smartphone under 6500 rupees budget … Is Karrbonn A15 is better than Micromax A89? or should i opt for Micromaxx? Which phone is more suitable as per official work too. I want to buy between this two handset ..help me .. its very urgent

  9. vikas says

    On 5th of june m going to buy karbonn a15.
    Any1 cn tell me is there any front camera as shown in picture, or on posting cmnts any where on net cn we use keyboard in landscape mode. Bcoz gogi write this (When composing messages you can use the keyboard only in portrait mode.)