Dash cams, also referred to as dashboard cameras, have become increasingly popular among drivers in recent years. These devices mount on a vehicle’s dashboard or windshield and capture video footage of traffic ahead. Dash cam footage can be useful in various circumstances like providing evidence in case of accidents or traffic violations. However, in India there remains some uncertainty as to whether their footage can be used as evidence in court proceedings.

Dash cams are not explicitly prohibited by Indian law, but there are some legal and practical considerations drivers should take into account before installing one in their vehicle. Firstly, make sure the dash cam does not obstruct vision or break any traffic laws. Furthermore, audio should never be recorded without consent of those being recorded as this could potentially infringe upon their privacy rights.

Can Dash Cam Footage Be Adjudicated in Court?

In India, dash cam footage is still controversial when it comes to admissibility in court. While no specific laws govern its use as evidence in court, the Indian Evidence Act 1872 allows electronic evidence including video recordings to be admissible. But for it to be accepted in court, the footage must meet certain criteria such as authenticity, relevance and reliability – plus proof that no changes have been made or edits made to it.

Ultimately, the admissibility of dash cam footage in court is up to the judge. They will take into account factors like when and why the footage was shot, its quality, and whether it provides a true representation of what happened.


Dash cams are not explicitly banned by Indian law, yet their admissibility in court remains uncertain. Drivers should consider both legal and practical considerations before installing one in their vehicle. In case of accidents or traffic violations, footage captured by a dash cam may potentially be admissible evidence in court; however, whether it meets authenticity, relevance and reliability criteria remains up for interpretation by the judge.

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