UCWeb has released the UC Browser HD 3.0 that comes loaded with a smart built in video player, Multi Touch Gestures, intelligent zoom, cloud sync and page pre-loader. This browser is specially made of bigger screen displays – the tablets and large screen phones.

The UC Browser HD 3.0 comes with a unique intuitive video player.  When a user is browsing a website with embedded videos or with a built in player – the 3.0 HD video player takes over and gives a better playing experience. Users can control the brightness, progress, adjust the video size and even control the volume.

On a bigger screen navigation becomes a big issue specially when there are limited options. The UC Browser 3.0 HD has incorporates gestures into the browser, there is no need to use the on-screen / dedicated buttons – users can move back or forward by just swiping the screen left or right. Users can also move to the next tab by swiping 2 finders left or right.

UC Browser HD 3.0 launched

There is also an automatic zoom feature that will auto zoom the text body. And several other features like the page preloaded that loads the next page and gets it ready before the user reached the end of the current page, read to move on to the next – that loads almost instantly.

If you have not used the UC Browser HD 3.0, try it now – download it from Google play.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in