UCWeb Inc has release upgraded version of UC Browser, the UC Browser+ HD 2.3. This version comes loaded with new features like the Social links that keeps track of the links shared by your friends on social networking sites and the floating video that helps you watch your favorite videos even when you are browsing.

The Social Links is an interesting feature which is one of the highlight of UC Browser+ HD 2.3. With this feature you can keep track of URL’s link from your social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The links are displayed as pop-up widget. You can dock this popup widget anywhere on the screen and get the updates as it happens no matter what you are doing, without accessing the browser. You can even comment, like and even share the post. To refresh, just swipe downward.

Floating Video Player is another feature that can be placed anywhere on the screen and always accessible while browsing. Apart from this the UC Browser+ HD 2.3 comes with stylish wallpapers, supports Muti-Touch Gesture (swipe using 2 fingers), integration with Evernote, faster webpage loading, UCloud support and many other features that were available on the previous versions.

UC Browser+ HD 2.3 for iPad

HD browser is popular, smoother and enhances browsing experience on the Apple iPad. You can download this browse from Apple iTunes for free (file size is 20.8MB).

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in