Here is another Power bank from TP-LINK, Model No. PB50. This is a 10000 mAh Power Bank with a 1 year warranty and it comes with intelligent charging technology with 6 safety protection features. This power bank will be available in India from 7th September 2015.

TP-Link Power Bank Unboxing
Inside the box you will find the Power Bank, user guide, technical information booklet, data cable and a travel pouch.

The TP-LINK PB50 Power Bank looks a bit different when compared with the other Power Banks available in the market. It looks more like a Hip Flask. PB50 comes in black and glossy silver colour combination. The black material is soft to touch, gives a good grip and covers most of the area. This power bank weighs about 283 grams.

It has got a curvy body with no sharp edges. There is TP-LINK logo on one end and on the other end you will find two USB ports and a micro USB port. USB port 1 is with 5V/2A output and the USB port 2 is with 5V/1A output. You can charge this Power Bank using a 5V/2A charger.

TP-Link 10000 mAh Power Bank PB50 review

There are 4 led indicators and a status button that when pressed will light up the LED thereby giving you an idea about the battery levels (4 LED’s lighting up – battery full, 3 LED’s – battery 75%, 2 LED’s – battery 50%, 1 LED – battery less than 25%).

TP-Link 10000 mAh Power Bank PB50 power indicator button

Hardware and Performance
This TP-LINK 10000 mAh Power Bank is using LG Polymer Cell battery that is thinner and safer and it comes with intelligent charging technology that identifies the device connected and delivers fastest possible charge. You can simultaneously charge up to 2 devices.

This Power Bank can be used to charge smartphones, headphones, tablets, camera and Gaming devices. It is compatible with android, windows and iOS platforms.

TP-Link 10000 mAh Power Bank PB50 2 x USB and 1 x micro USB port

Battery performance
I was able to charge this Power Bank from almost 0% (no LED) to 100% (4 LEDs) in 6 hours 30 minutes using a 5V ~ 2A charger. If you are using a lower capacity charger (say 5V ~ 1A) it will take a longer time to charge.

After a full charge this 10000 mAh Power Bank was able to re-charge an android smartphone with a 2000 mAh battery for almost 5 times (4.5 times to be precise).

The TP-LINK power bank looks different and comes with intelligent charging and built in safety protection. The bank has got an elegant look and performed really well.

There are cheaper and higher battery capacity power banks available in the markets, the TP-LINK 10000 mAh power bank (PB50) is also a good option, it will be available from 7th September for a price between ₹2500 to ₹3000.

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By Rajeev Rana

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