Jawbone today launched 3 activity trackers in India, and with that they have also officially entered the Indian markets. Jawbone UP Move is priced at ₹4,999, Jawbone UP2 is for ₹9,999 and the UP3 is priced for ₹14,999.

The Jawbone UP Move is the cheapest of the lot. It can track steps taken, calories burned, sleep quality / duration monitor, users can log their meal intake and also get personalised guidance using Smart Coach option.

The UP Move is compatible with iOS and Android platforms. It’s light weight at 9 grams. You can either wear it on your wrist or clip it. There is LED display and battery backup is around 6 months. Jawbone UP Move is priced at ₹4,999.

Jawbone UP Move, UP2 and UP3

Jawbone UP2 also comes packed with all of the features found on the UP Move and also includes Idle Alert and Smart alarm features. This fitness device gives up to 10 days of battery backup. Jawbone UP2 is priced at ₹9,999.

The Jawbone UP3 comes packed with all of the features as seen on the UP2. It also comes with heart rate sensor and with advanced sleep monitoring capabilities. The UP3 battery backup is up to 7 days on a single charge and it is priced at ₹14,999.

These devices are now listed and available on Amazon.in.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in