The Sleep Company Asia’s #1 Smart Grid Mattress – RAW Egg test to check how good the mattress is ?

Here is World’s most advanced sleep Technology that intelligently adapts to your body shape to provide 2x more back support and comfort, presenting The Sleep Company Smart Grid mattress. This is Asia’s number 1 Smart Grid Mattress and to check how good the Mattress is I have done a RAW Egg test.

The Smart Grid is soft where you need comfort and where you need support it is firm. This technology is best for reducing back pain and for a comfortable sleep. This is not a memory foam, spring or latex based mattress, in fact it makes use of Smart Grid technology, that is made from hyper elastic polymer.

Do check the video wherein I have done the unboxing, and also shown the layers used in the mattress plus the egg – test did it break?

The unique patented material is developed by ex scientists from DRDO. This Smart Grid provides 2x more support than the orthopaedic mattresses available in the market. There is the Smart Grid on top, proprietary soft foam for rebounce and enhances impact of the Smart Grid. The final bottom layer is High Density Support layer.

will the egg break the smart grid mattress

Like the other mattress available in the market this one also come with 100 night free trail, free shipping in India and 10 years warranty. Price starts from Rs. 16,400. 

You can buy from Amazon –

And from The Sleep Company website  :

Smart Grid Mattress
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