Infinix today launched the Infinix Band 4 in India for Rs. 1,799. The price is really good and for this price you get colour display, continuous heart rate monitoring and up to 7 days battery life.

You can buy here : –

Inside the box (Infinix Band 5 Unboxing)

There is the fitness band and user manual, there is no cable / charging dock as the same is not needed just remove the strap, pull it and the fitness tracker usb point will be exposed. This tracker comes with built in USB point hat you can simply plug into smartphone charging adapter or in your laptop / desktop USB port.

Build and finishing is pretty good considering the price. The screen is 0.96 inches it is IPS display not a touch screen but looks pretty good for the price. There is a touch sensitive button for navigation. And yes you can manually control the brightness of the screen. The band is available in 3 colour options (basically the strap color – red, blue and black).

Infinix Band 5 performance

This band like the other fitness bands can track your physical activities, steps, calories, distance and sleep. Apart from this it also monitors your heart rate continuously even when not using exercise mode.

infinix band 5

The Band 5 does give consistent results and you need to use the Infinix Fit app (available for iOS and Android). Apart from fitness data the band also gives out notifications, call / app / messages etc. You can read messages on the band.  

Infinix Band 5 battery performance

Standby time is around 20 days and when using regularly you can expect up to 7 days of battery life on a single charge. 


Nice fitness band, and price is also pretty good, if low on budget you can go otherwise the Mi band 4 is a better option though that will cost you a little more.

Infinix Band 5
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