There are many true wireless headsets available and here is a slightly different one. The Syllable D9x is a true wireless headset that comes with magnetic plug and pull batteries, plus you get extra batteries. Check the D9x review to know more.

The Syllable D9x quality is pretty good, finishing I wished was little better specially near the ear buds and magnetic battery connecting points. Otherwise the concept is pretty good. This is a true Bluetooth headset that connects to one another via Bluetooth wirelessly. The right ear bud connects with left ear bud and the left ear bud that is the primary ear bud will connect with your smartphone.

The charging case is compact and can houses 4 removable magnetic batteries. There are 4 compartments 2 compartments are for storing and 2 compartment are for charging the batteries. So you can enjoy non-stop entertainment for a longer period of time.

Syllable D9x review

Syllable D9x specifications

Inside the box (Unboxing) : Case, earbuds, charging case, 4 batteries, hook, extra ear caps / ear support and user manual
Type : True Wireless headset
Material : Metal
Driver unit : 8mm
Impedance : 16ohms
Frequency response : 20 to 2000 Hz
Bluetooth version : 4.2 + Edr
Charging Case battery : 650 mAh
Individual ear bud magnetic battery capacity : 35 mAh

Syllable D9x charging and storage case


The ear buds look great and fit perfectly well, you can change the ear plug caps and / or the ear support to get a good grip. The Syllable D9x looks little different as the batteries stick out from the buds. Check video review and images.

Sound quality is pretty good, bass sounds great and low and mids are also clearly audible. The only issue I found with this Syllable D9x is when you try to adjust the ear buds and in case you press the battery it might lose contact and restart the ear bud.

Syllable D9x earbud

There are 4 batteries you need to attach the batteries to the ear bud and you can do it any way for any ear bud right or left – check video review. The charging case looks quite premium, light weight, easy to carry and it can charge the other two batteries. You can make and receive calls using this headset.

Syllable D9x earbud quality

Syllable D9x battery review

The individual batteries will give you up to 120 minutes of usage time. Overall considering the charging case that will charge the other batteries you can get up to 8 hours of non-stop usage. The charging case takes about 2 hours to charge and the batteries take around 40 minutes for a full charge.


This is a unique looking true Bluetooth headset that comes with extra batteries so you don’t have to wait once the used batteries get drained off.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

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Syllable D9x Battery Plug-In True Wireless Headset with Metal Charge Case  –  BLACK
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By Rajeev Rana

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