Indians first crowd funded electric eco friendly bike the Spero E-Bike has been launched in India, today. This  E-Bike will be available in 3 different models pre-order price in India starts from Rs. 29,900 to Rs. 50,900.

Spero E-Bike features and specifications

This E-Bike on a full charge can ride up to 60 KM to 100 KM (depending on model). In just about 10 seconds it can reach 0 to 25 kmph. Users can use 5amp socket to charge the Spero E-Bike – or simple ride it, battery will also get charged while pedaling.

There are 5 gears in electric mode. The 48V battery can be charged from 20% to 80% in about 4 hours. The battery comes with 1 year warranty.

Spero Electric bike launched in India

Other features are digital display that shows the current speed and the battery charge level. There is also cruise control feature that can be used to lock to max speed.

Pre-booking is cheaper, the MRP price of Spero E30 is Rs. 55,500 (Pre-booking price is Rs. 29,900 for first 20 and Rs. 33900 for next 80 customers), Spero E60 MRP price is Rs. 64,800 (pre-booking price is Rs. 34,900 for first 10, Rs. 36,900 for next 25 and Rs. 39,900 for next 15 customers) and the Spero E100 MRP price is Rs. 84,900 (Pre-booking price is Rs. 47,900 for first 10 and Rs. 50,900 for next 40 customers).

Spero Electric bike price in India

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  1. I’m an avid cyclist and my average cycling speed matches and even better the max speed of the spero e bike. I ride a MTB with riding range of 150 to 200kms per ride per day. Would the e bike be of any benefit for a long distance cycling trip? Second query the frame quality of the bike seems inferior in terms of material and heavier compared my existing bike. Is there a way to retrofit my existing bike with the e 100 kit?

  2. I think the market it is targeting is school going children in their early teens (No Driving License required), plus the exercise fanatics who can manually ride one way and electrically ride on return trip, plus some white collar fitness enthusiasts. Most blue collar workers, delivery drivers, and hobbyists may not prefer this due to price, speed, structural integrity for occasional heavy load lifting etc.
    This seems to be a good product in many ways, one being the detachable battery which can be taken to your charging point at home, work etc.

  3. Few days back some chinese company released a crowdsourced bike and gogi’s followers were crying it is not for India. Now Indian company launched a bike and people started criticizing. That way we will not have our own iot things.

  4. Agreed that it’s for special customer base .. then please tell us what’s the purpose of this vehicle…

  5. Respected ,
    you can get same things in HERO AVIOR AMX— except DIGITAL DISPLAY and 20 km range @24000

  6. This seems a good product but price is on very higher side. With all the due encouragement that the innovator, let’s identify consumer’s side. 1. There is no express need to shell out this much money as there are n numbers of options available at a nearby price level. 2. Quality and after sales is yet to be checked. Cost of prodiction and selling combined are far less than price tag.

  7. At this price of spero’s cheapest model, we can buy a 100cc new bike or good condition 150 cc used bike plus good second hand bicycle for small travel and exercises.

    Ideas of all companies seem good except their pricing.

    1. can your 100cc bike run without emitting any pollutants? can it go without reducing our fossil fuel resources? Please respect the green initiatives, if you don’t want to buy don’t buy.
      pricing will come down when these go into mass production and technologies in battery improves.

      1. Dear sandeep, he’s right and you’re partially. Yes the Normal bikes need Fossil fuel to run. Where this bikes run of charge (without making a pollution). But where does the charging come from? Your home electricity. And where does your home electricity come from? ? From that “Fossil Fuels”.

      2. @Chaudhury
        Yes, electricity generated from thermal power plants use coal as fuel mostly but its still cleaner as done in an industrial scale than the direct burning as its done on internal combustion engines. Electricity is also generated from hydal power plants also which doesn’t burn coal, so that is a clean source. So its a better to use electricity than petrol/diesel.

        Also this electric bike has option to charge with pedaling, so even if we dont do that much if we buy this, its an option available.

      3. @sandeep, dear friend, I meant to say from a common man’s point of view. Majority of the population is looking for affordable solutions to survive and make lives easy and they don’t have time to think about pollution. I do respect your point and we as humans need to think about our planet and energy sources. But it’s also government’s duty to subsidise this kind of products. If you dont have any vehicle with you, and if you get 50k rupees, do you buy a bike or this electric cycle? I hope 99.9 percent of the population will buy a bike and that only what I intend to say.

    2. what a stupid comparison. This company is not targeting the Common man who is interested in 100CC. This is a niche product and will be targeted to a special market only. Did u find the company asking common person to buy it.