SONY today launched the Xperia XZs in India for Rs. 49,990. This handset is powered by Snapdragon 820 processor and key highlight is handset is water resistant and comes with a 19MP Motion Eye camera with 960fps slow motion video recording support.

SONY Xperia XZs features and specifications

The Xperia XZs comes with 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage and micro SD card support. As mentioned it houses the qualcomm snapdragon 820 quad core processor. This dual SIM handset comes with 5.2 inch screen with 1080 pixels resolution and using TRILUMINOS display (Mobile X-Reality for Mobile).

The SONY Xperia XZs is water resistant (IP65/68) certified. It is available in Silver, Black and Blue color options. The primary camera is 19MP using Motion Eye technology. It can shoot low light photo / videos (f/2.0) aperture, steady shot and 5 axis stabilization.

SONY Xperia XZs launched in India

Front camera is 13MP shooter also with 5 axis stabilization. SONY Xperia XZs is running Android Nougat out of the box and gets power from a 2900 mAh quick charge 3.0 battery. Key features are 4G LTE, VoLTE, 3G, 2G, NFC, GPS and WiFi.

SONY Xperia XZs will be available in India for Rs. 49,990.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 is a much better choice than this as it has same processor and has Quad hd display and the bigger thing is that it is Rs 10000 cheaper than this one.. Also in this range u can buy Samsung Galaxy S7 edge….

  2. Boring…sd82O dull old look…only camera n recording video option is good and sound. Quality and water resistant but still 50k is higher price compared to what Branded top android based mobile company like Samsung HTC and huawei is offering..Better go for iPhone 7 plus in this price if u like iOS or galaxy s7 edge or new s8 after price drop of s8….Do u agree guys ??..i saw some long chat below hahahaha.the fact is that even Sony company CEO use iPhone as his primary phone n sony for secondary to show off others 🙂

  3. In electronics Lg products for more superior than samsung. Apart from mobile segment sony brand produce more quality product than samsung. But now days i see Samsung products sales are higher then what they deserve. LG and Sony both still doesn’t understand letting their mobile business down affecting their whole business model.

  4. Price should have been little bit higher ? it’s so cheap that i will buy 2-3 dozen to distribute among my friends , pm your addresses to get a gift of this phone haaaa haaa haaa fuxxing idit sony and their fanboys

  5. I think Sony must understand that now people are not interested in their phones. So..

  6. I hardly see people using Sony phones these days. If they keep pricing their phones like this, they will completely vanish from the market soon. Sony gives quality items, agreed, but not only sony, other brands are also giving best quality now. Besides, I haven’t seen any sony phone topping any list of best smartphone yet. Forget about value for money.

  7. Better add some 10-15k and take Samsung S8, sony digging their own grave,learn something from Samsung

  8. One imp thing. The 960fps video is avail with around 3 sec Or so limitation. Yes 3 seconds.

  9. The people complaining about the pricing need to stick to their chinese phones.
    Sony is a quality product and this phone is going to be a huge hit.
    Sony rocks.

        1. seriously they need to change their plan if they have to survive in the market…

          or they should plan to create sister concerned company very much like One Plus one. most of the funding is from OPPO.

    1. You should not insult people no matter what phone they buy. Only the lowest grade of trash do so.

      1. I don’t think I spoke to you. Mind your business dude. It’s my opinion and I can say whatever I want.

      1. Yes, in my universe but in your universe only chinese phones exist right? Dude, I just said something I felt, nothing to be irritated about.

        1. For your info, Sony phones are also made in China. So technically it is also a Chinese phone.

        2. I’m talking about brand which is completely chinese. Sony is a japanese brand but assembled in china.

    2. Ur r8 but 50k is over the limit…u can’t eat when ur stomach is full..Sony is targeting offline buyers but offline buyers also now getting all mobile info daily updated.So Sony marketing team should survey n do the r8 things and make a possible way to be benefited from both ends customer n company..After xperia Z series 2015 they lost the grip from Indian market due to heavy rainfall of Chinese brands(micromax n other indian brand now on doomsday)..

      1. They might have lost grip in Indian market but last year Xperia XZ was the highest selling high range phone. Even more than S7 all over the world. I agree that pricing should improve.

    1. OnePlus?

      – No SD slot
      – No waterproofing
      – No stereo speaker
      – No Hi Res Audio
      – Poor photos
      – No Qnovo battery care
      – No smart battery with adaptative charging
      – No HDR on screen
      – Full HD for 5,5 in flagship
      – No best stabilization for videos on a phone
      – No super slow motion

      And still costs 500 USD

      BTW, people from XDA found out OnePlus uses software to cheat on antutu..

      It was obvious… Same cpu of Pixel and 20.000 more points? No way..

      1. Rajesh, very well said. These guys only think about the specs and nothing else. They don’t think about features other than performance such as audio and media capability. Even the looks of One plus sucks.
        They also forget to realize that One Plus and almost every brand uses Sony camera sensors..

      1. No 35 to 40k is fair price for them . Crappy os, same old design (ugly top and bottom Bessel’s , FYI ,have xperia z3). Above price i mention is solely based on their quality and sony brand.

    1. There is finger print sensor, the power button on right side doubles up as finger print sensor.

      1. Yes, it is sony. But, with this kind of competitive market, no one will opt to buy this phone at 50k. The same specs and even better than this handset are available at half price and are leading with their sales. Like Xiaomi and Oneplus.

        I would recommend Rajesh to check Xiaomi and Oneplus reviews in Amazon and Flipkart and then compare with Sony. You will get an Idea which handsets are selling mostly… Xiaomi/Oneplus….OR……So called SONY…….

        1. Mr. Riaz for your kind information am using xperia z5 premium for last 2 years, your so called xiaomi and oneplus chinese phones are better in reviews and paper only, in reality chineese brands are dump.

        1. Yes, many have used One Plus and it sucks unlike Sony. Once you use Sony, you won’t use other brands.

      2. Sony isn’t premium brand to charge something like that. Mediocre design and crappy software.

      3. 1080p in 50k atleast 4 k hona chahiye tha , plus same dull look off last year mobile

        Too bad

      4. Yes bro….
        Its sony….
        Also blackberry was a best phone than sony. But it kills its business only because of stupidity. Now sony is in the same way. Xiaomi & oneplus doing business in the market & makes a chamber in people heart in a proper was. Nor entertaining like sony.

      5. Rajesh, every Chinese brand is not a dump. The reviews are posted by the users who are using it.

        Xiaomi and Oneplus are chinese but they are building their smartphones way better than Sony and with the reseanoble pricing, they have been successful in the market. We hardly see sony phones these days. I bet this Sony phone will also be an utter flop this time as well..

        Well done, Xiaomi and Oneplus, carry on your success, and make samsung and sony shut down their mobile businesses…… These companies have looted public alot with such prices…..

        1. Sony actually had the highest sales for high end smartphone (Xperia XZ) last year. You don’t see Sony in India cause India is budget minded country but people all over the world are buying.

          You seem to be a very obsessive fanboy of Xiaomi and One Plus. Calm down dude.

    1. Did you even look at camera ? Does your xiaomi or oneplus gives you high grade camera . ?

        1. Nothing special in One Plus 3t camera. Sony gives way better clarity and quality.

    1. Than Buy this phone @50k then we will believe that your are Sony fanboy…. Don’t understand that I am Sony hater, In past I was using Sony Xperia Z. The only problem with Sony is their pricing. Come on yaar, who will buy this phone @ 50k??? Keep this price to 35k then only we will think….