You might have used a earphone or a headphone but this one the Signet BT bone conduction headphone is a lot different. Check this review to know how good is this headphone using a different technology and how different it is from the rest.

Signet BT bone conduction headphone makes use of bone conduction technology that conducts sound to inner ear though the bones of the skull. So technically you are not wearing anything inside or over your ear, you need to wear the headphone like you would normally do but the transducers need to fit slightly in front of your ear (check image below).

This technology creates mini vibrations and they pass though the cheekbones and directly to your inner ear and since the outer ear is not used it will not cause any problem and specially not harm the ear drum.

Signet BT bone conduction headphones review

As far as the quality is concerned it is really good, stereo, good bass but since your ear is open it might sound a little weird when you are outdoors in noisy or slightly noisy environments – just like a radio in front of you but only you can listen to it.

Signet BT bone conduction headphone is light weight and very comfortable to use. It does come with built in mic and using DSP noise cancelling for clear voice communication.

Signet BT bone conduction headphones design

Signet BT bone conduction headphone Feature and specifications

Inside the box : Bone Conduction Earphone, USB cable and manual
Bluetooth version :  4.1
Can be used : Working, running, walking, cycling, driving
Battery : 200 mAh, takes up to 2 hours charging it
Battery life : Up to 6 hours non-stop
Other features : Can connect 2 Bluetooth smartphones
Controller : Yes, wired
Controller features : LED, play / pause, volume control / media control
Frequency Range : 20 – 20,000Hz
Impedance : 10 ohm

Signet BT bone conduction headphones controller


The Signet BT bone conduction headphone fits well and you might feel a bit odd if you are using it for the first time. The transducers will be positioned in front of the ear. For longer period of use this is very comfortable.

Signet BT bone conduction headphones transducers

The sound output is very good and you are also aware of the surrounding, cause your ears is open. Now in noisy environments this may not work that great in such a case you can use a ear plug or use cotton to block your ear.

The Signet BT bone conduction headphone may also be of great help to those with hearing issues, though not sure. But if you are not comfortable with earphone or headphones then you should try this out.

Signet BT bone conduction headphone comes with a controller that is connected to the headset, via wires, the connector comes with 3 buttons, mic, LED notification light and micro USB port to charge the battery that it houses.


This is a unique product and does a very good job. It can be used for entertainment in certain situations wherein you need to be aware of you surrounding at the same time you want to listen to your favourite music.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Signet BT bone conduction headphone comes for a good price tag of $40.02 (approx Rs. 2500). You can buy this from GearBest website use the Coupon code ASBTBK and get it for $27.99 ( approx Rs. 1800) for limited period only, and make sure to use priority line shipping, it’s fast, you get tracking code and for this product there will be no custom duty.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -