You read it right it’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and not the Samsung Galaxy Note7. Yes the Galaxy Note 2 caught fire on a Indigo flight (Singapore to Chennai). There is already restriction on usage of Samsung Galaxy Note7 on any flight.

According The Hindu the Indigo 6E-054 passengers alerted the crew as soon as they felt something was burning. It indeed was, there was smoke coming out from one of the passengers baggage placed in the over head compartment.

The crew alerted the pilot, who in turn briefed about the situation to the ATC (Air traffic Control). The crews then used the fire extinguisher and were immediately able to control the minor fire that thankfully was noticed on time.

The damaged Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device was then placed into a container filled with water and placed in a lavatory. The Indigo flight 6E-054 landed safely. The damaged handset is with Indigo, it will be examined by the concerned departments.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 catches fire on a Indigo Flight

Now Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a old handset and this is the first time that a Samsung handset caught fire on a flight.

If you are travelling by Airplane make sure to carry all your electronic devices in your hand baggage, and do not place them in your check-in luggage. If the authorities find any devices in the luggage you will be called and asked to remove the device – it will be a waste of time.

Reason why Airplanes are asking you to carry the electronic devices in hand baggage and not in check-in baggage is because in case of any issues like the Note 2 catching fire, upon detection one can take immediate action. Had the note 2 been put into the check-in baggage it would have ended in a disaster.

I am sure many of you might have noticed that when you keep your bag that might contain your laptop, power bank, mobile devices in the over head cabin, and if there is less space available or the cabin is full packed, there are people who will still try to push in things and fit in their baggage. Your baggage might be under excess pressure because of this, it could damage the equipment inside. So be careful and make sure your baggage with electronic items is as comfortable as your are.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -