Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 dual Active SIM Android phone

Here is another phone from Samsung called the Galaxy Ace Duos S6802. Users can use two GSM SIM’s simultaneously and with dual active mode they can receive a call on the other SIM even when the phone is in use.

This is different from the dual SIM phones that usually come with the dual Standby option. On the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos (S6802) if you are busy on SIM1, you can still receive calls on SIM2, unlike as on the dual standby phones where the SIM 2 becomes unreachable. This is the reason why the phone is priced at a bit higher range.

The Ace Duos S6802 is powered by a single core 832 MHz processor, not as powerful as the 1 GHz one, but does the work pretty well. Thankfully the screen resolution is much better, an HVGA @ 320 x 480 pixels with 262 K colours, so what you get are near to perfect pictures/icons/text with hardly any pixels around it.

The capacitive touchscreen display is 3.5 inches, plenty of touch space with 3 dedicated buttons following it. The S6802 runs on Gingerbread also called Android 2.3. The handset is 11.5 mm thin with a weight of 122 grams.

This Duos phone comes with 512 MB RAM and internal storage of 3 GB along with microSD card slot (32 GB Max cards supported). There is no secondary camera but there is a rear side 5 MP camera, good enough, but it is without LED flash. Outdoor photos will be better than the ones taken in low light environment. Camera features are geo-tagging, auto-focus and with an image editor app.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802

Ace Duos is a 3G phone (HSDPA – 7.2 Mbps), also supported GPRS / EDGE networks, there is built in Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) with hotspot, a micro USB port, Bluetooth 3.0, 3.5 mm jack, GPS with A-GPS support, Multi format media player and FM radio. The handset is loaded with Proximity, Compass and G-Sensors. The battery is 1300 mAh that lasts for about 17 days in standby mode on a 3G network and talktime is about 6 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos [S6802] price is Rs. 11,900 with 1 year warranty.

Yes this phone comes with Active dual SIM mode but still the price seems too high. I think a price tag of under Rs. 10,000 would have made it a good buy. The handset comes with good features but when you look at the price it doesn’t seems worthy especially when you know that there is no flash and front camera.

I checked the handset to see if you can receive a call when the other SIM is in use, it did not. Samsung says its dual active but its related to 3G data only. For example if you are using 3G from SIM 1 the other SIM will still be working. But if you are calling or have received a call on SIM 1 then another person calling on SIM 2 will get a not reachable message. Even the hybrid dual SIM work in the same way. I really don’t understand why its called Active, the dual SIM features are similar to the dual Hybrid phone called Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos (B5512). Its a waste of money, price is too high, just look out for another model.

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  1. Abraham says

    Even i am still in persuits of dual active sim phone
    i have shortlisted the following, hope they r dual active

    2 Huawei Ascend P6
    3 HTC One
    4 Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
    5 Samsung Mega
    6 HTC Desire 700
    7 Acer Liquid E2
    8 HTC Desire 600

  2. Gopi says

    Thanks Gogi. I was about buy this Ace Duos. U saved me some 8000 bucks.
    Okay, Can you suggest me some basic mobiles from nokia or samsung with dual active sim option ( call waiting ). No need of Smartphones.

  3. Prashant fauzadar says

    I have a corporate plan (location mumbai) in which incoming is free in roaming. Thats why I needed a dual active sim phone so that I can connect my two friends in delhi and agra which are having one one sim of my corporate plan. I call them free from my no. as CUG calling is free, BUT I wanted to set up a conference call between the 2 sims I have in my mobile so that when I call them both we 3 together can talk simultaneously by connecting both my sims via conference call. Is it possible, if anyone knows a handset that can create conference call between dual sims, please let me know,
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Shakin says

    I own LG GX500. it is 2-3 years old phone but a truly dual active phone. it is not a smart phone. Surprisingly, on the back panel, it is printed “dual stand-by” but I can make & receive calls from both the sims simultaneously. this is the only reason I am still using this phone. Otherwise it is completely useless. It is slower than my granny. You can make a hot cup of tea and drink it and yet I would not be able to send you a 2 sentence text message in that time.

  5. rahul nerkar says

    i have samsung ace dos S6802 , as i am using 2 sims , if i use internet facility for one sim is this happen that at the same time when i switch on internet for one sim atomatically internet facility for second sim is also used . Is this possible in android .

  6. Sandip says

    Hi Gogi,

    I am using Lava Iris 504q. While sending an sms, I am not getting SIM 2 option. By default it is going through SIM 1. I have tried the default Messaging app as well as Go SMS Pro. Please help.

  7. shambhavi jaiswal says

    Now curiously tell me should I buy ace duos or not..what I mean I was looking to buy ace duos n looking at old reviews i feel like hitting the chairperson of samsung..hez confusion alot..dual sim active..go hell with this cel..m switching 2 nokia now..:\ :\

    • vipin says

      Settings >>Wireless & network settings>>Mobile networks>>Network mode>>WCDMA Network.


  8. Shareef says

    Can we upgrade the Android v2.3.6 to 4.0 (ICS) or higher in our Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos s6802….

  9. disha says

    On my phone I am using vodafone 2G internet plan. Suddenly it is not working. I am doing all possible help but it is not working, pls anyone help me.

  10. Nagarjun says

    Hi, I am not able to send sms from sim 2 when i select sim 2… sms always go from sim 1 irrespective of which sim is selected… I enabled dual smart sim settings still dis problem is there.. can some one help how to configure this… calls are going from sim which i select..but dis is not happening for sms.. plz help..

  11. Naseer says

    If someone has practical exp.of any samsung android fone which is really a double sim I mean if sim 1 is busy sim 2 can receive calls at the same time.pls let me know the model no.

  12. Adpit says

    The best active dual SIM CDMA/GSM phone is the Motorola XT800. It comes for less than INR 9,000 and you can receive calls on both SIMs together, no problem. Only problem is that it is old, still on Android 2.1, but other than that, it works great as a Dual SIM CDMA+GSM phone!

  13. Naseer says

    Mob companies are making fool.they have confused the users between duos and dual stand by which is unfair. Companies should mention clearly the fact in my experience there is not any android fone which can receive call at sim 2 while sim 1 non android fones this credit goes to only samsung who introduced real double stand by facility in 6112,7722 and in few other models but not in any android fone. If someone has experienced such android fone he should share,users will be obliged.

    • mhdvah says

      Hi One of my friend is using Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802, he is using 2 sim of same network i.e Airtel. If he is using 1st sim, if a call from 2 sim will be in waiting and the caller will get waiting message. I intended to buy this one, when I tested my sim cards 1 is airtel and another is vodafone, which was not working. Even I tried by 2 vodafone sim, it will not work.

      Can any one suggest is there any active dual sim android mobiles in market ?

  14. Rahul says

    Hi I bought a Samsung galaxy ACE duos from Dubai its shows in network mode is 2G and my friend bought from India its shows network mode is GSM/WCDMA(AUTOMODE) what its means and which is the best or its country different technology. Thanks, Rahul.

  15. Pravesh Mamgai says

    I hv purchased d same Galaxy Ace duos phone same thing happening with me. If I am on sim 1, sim 2 shows unreachable or switch off. Can we do something about it? I showed it at Samsung service center but they wasted my two hours and couldn’t do anything. do let me know whether it can be activated or not?


    • gogi says

      Pravesh, on this phone the dual SIM works with the call forwarding option. If you are on SIM 1 and you get a all on SIM 2 it will be forwarded to SIM 1. But for this to work both the SIM’s should be a local SIM and also depends on network to network. Make sure call forwarding is enabled on SIM 2.

  16. Gautam Dey says

    Gogi your comments and reviews are really very good, now I watched your video on youtube and from there I found this site, great work, thank you Gogi.

    Moreover I want to buy a mobile which av the following features: “Android Dual sim active qwerty mobile”

    Plz suggest which phone should I purchase, I am waiting for your help.

  17. Shatanik says


    I searched a lot on net for 'Dual Active Sim' mobile and finally arrived here. This is the only site I found useful for this search. I was about to get a S6802 for its 'Dual Active Sim' feature. But you revealed the truth.

    Can you please suggest me some really 'Dual Active Sim' mobile with unlimited phonebook?