Samsung Galaxy Y Duos and Pro Duos launched price and features

Samsung has launched two new phones for the younger generation the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos and the Galaxy Y Pro Duos both the handsets supports dual SIM. There were rumors about Samsung working towards launching the Galaxy Y Pro Duos last year, which now has become a reality.

Samsung Galaxy Y Dous (S6102) features

This handset supports dual SIM with dual Standby mode. The 832 MHz processor along with the Android gingerbread 2.3 OS makes it the perfect choice among youngsters. The Galaxy Y Dous weighs 109 grams and is 12 mm thick.

Samsung Galaxy Y Dous sports a 3.14 inch capacitive touchscreen with 127 ppi pixel density and resolution of 320 by 240 pixels. Once the android OS gets loaded the Samsung TouchWiz User Interface takes over.

This handset comes with 384 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM with microSD up to 32 GB supported. You get 2 GB microSD card free with the box pack. The Galaxy Y Dous supports 3G, Wi-Fi, EDGE, GPRS, Bluetooth 3.0 and microUSB 2.0.

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (S6102) full touchscreen dual SIM android phone

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (S6102) full touchscreen dual SIM android phone

This Samsung dual SIM handset also sports a 3.15 MP decent primary camera with geo-tagging support. However there is no secondary camera. Other features are GPS, Stereo radio, compass / proximity / accelerometer sensors, HTM browser, adobe flash support, SNS, Google services and Media player that supports many audio and video formats.

The 1300 mAh Li-ion battery gives a stand by time of about 360 hours and a talktime of up to 9 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Y Dous price in India is Rs. 8,800 with 1 year warranty.

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos (B5512) features (Touch and Type android phone)

This is a 3G dual SIM phone with a weight of 112.3 grams and thickness of 11.9 mm. When you compare the Galaxy Y Pro Duos with Galaxy Y Duos you will find that most of the specifications are similar. On the fist look you will notice that the Y Pro Duos is a QWERTY handset.

This Samsung Galaxy Y handset also comes powered by 832 MHz processor running android 2.3 with 3.15 MP camera that supports geo-tagging and with a secondary VGA camera too, which means you can video chat / call on this phone.

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos (B5512) Dual SIM QWERTY android phone

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos (B5512) Dual SIM QWERTY android phone

Because of the addition of QWERTY keyboard the touchscreen display size has reduced to 2.6 inches with 400 by 240 pixels resolution. The UI (user interface) is the same i.e. Samsung TouchWiz and for faster navigation the QWERTY also comes with an optical trackpad.

Memory specifications are the same 512 MB ROM, 384 MB RAM with 32 GB microSD card support. With this phone you get 2 GB microSD card free. Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos handset supports 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, EDGE, GPRS and microUSB 2.0. Other features are same as with Galaxy Y Duos.

The battery used on this QWERTY android phone is of 1350 mAh capacity that gives standby time of 528 hours and talktime of up to 9 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos Price in India is 9,500 with 1 year warranty. This handset is a bit costlier because of QWERTY keypad and some improved features.

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  1. beadalson says

    hello gogi please help me out i want an andriod phone price range upto 8000. having all basic features like 3g gprs edge wifi and sensors like accelrometer, proximity and light please suggest a phone for me…………. i have had nokia.. i was fed up with its crap phones. totlly fake nokia

  2. dipaliraj says

    I found that Shipping Charges are extra and on other site they provide only seller warranty. On one site I found it for Rs. 8,490/- with manufacturer warranty, Bill and free Shipping. Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos has proved itself as the youth phone. Lots of features, cool design and less price what else is required.

  3. gaurav says

    hi gogi i am willing to buy a android ics smartphone in touch of range upto 8000 in samsung ,sony ,htc dont wanna go for micromax and all please help me out

  4. ritwick bhattacharyy says

    but isn't the ROM totally futile if i can't access it? what is its work??

    • gogi says

      ROM is where the main android OS is stored permanently, RAM is temporary used by apps, by user and some by the system. When you power on the phone first time, after a reboot or after a shut down. The OS is loaded from ROM, consider that as a secure drive where the OS loads from, users cannot access it.

  5. ritwickkk says

    I bought a samsung galaxy y duos about a month ago. Before buying, I saw the specifications on the internet. It stated that the phone has 384 MB RAM & 512 MB ROM & 160 MB user available memory. But after buying I noticed that the RAM is only 290 MB and the amazing fact is that I didn't get any trace of that 512 MB ROM.

    My question is why the RAM is less than what it was to be? Where is the extra 94 MB? And where is the 512 MB ROM and how will i access it? Am I cheated? Why I had to pay ~ rs.1800 more for the this phone than the single sim version if there's nothing special in the duos version except better camera and dual sim? Please tell me what should I do now. I bought the phone mainly for the extra powerful RAM.

    • gogi says

      Hi you cannot check the ROM but the ram is actually 384 but some part is used by the OS (dedicated for its use) and the android OS does not reveal that info. So the 290 MB RAM that you say it has is fair enough.

  6. vaibhav parmar says

    I have bought samsung galaxy y duo phone from the But my touch is not working smoothly.and I have got white handsfree yet my phone is galaxy y duo phone. so i want to complain about it on i have bought one week is there any option or replace or repair?tell me what should i do regarding this.

    • gogi says

      Vaibhav, email / call sulekha and let them know of the problem. In case there is delay, keep calling them. If you have made the payments via credit card and still sulekha does not respond to your emails / calls or no satisfactory answer, call your credit card company and file a dispute for the same.

  7. yugraj says

    I have bought Samsung galaxy y duos s 6102, I am unable to set coordinate of gps in my phone ( in degree min sec) while taking photo through camera as it give our location. It give coordinates in degree, min.

  8. yugraj says


    i have bought samsug galaxy y duos s 6102, i am unable to set coordinate of gps in my phone ( in degree min sec) while taking photo through camera as it give our location.

  9. vaibhav parmar says

    Please tell me what should I buy samsung y galaxy duo or samsung y galaxy pro duo I have confusion about that? in y duo has bigger screen size compare to galaxy pro? I am confused between two.

    • gogi says

      vaibhav, both handsets are good, ignore the size as one is with QWERTY keyboard. Decide if you want a QWERTY phone or a non-QWERTY phone.

  10. Srinath says

    Hi Gogi,

    I bought this (Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos (B5512)) for my dad just because of front VGA to use Skype and OOVOO but to my surprise the front camera was not functioning.

    Please let me know as to what needs to be done or which app to take for this issue to resolve.


    • gogi says

      The camera should be working, you should have got the front / rear camera option when using the camera, if there is no response from the front camera, it could be defective, you will need to call the Samsung Support.

    • gogi says

      Geo Tagging means adding the coordinates (latitude and longitude) to say the photo you just clicked. Almost all phones with GPS and camera come with this feature. When enabled for every photo that you have clicked it is tagged (or an extra info about the coordinates) are added.

      Once you have the geo tagged information you will know where the photos were taken, in fact using some software's you can create alum based on location.

  11. ankit says

    hi gogi,

    please tell me that what is the function of gpu in mobile phones?

    • gogi says

      GPU is graphics processing unit. This unit handles the graphics part and relieves the main CPU which can perform other functions. A phone with a GPU (depending on the GPU speed) will be able to play many high quality games and the overall the functioning will be smoother.