Samsung has launched the Galaxy Y Duos Lite an affordable android smartphone for Rs. 6,900 and the Samsung Galaxy S Duos – not a lighter version though for Rs. 17,900. Both these handsets have got the Duos advantage i.e. Dual SIM capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite
This lighter version of Android phone from Samsung, priced at Rs. 6,900 comes with basic necessities. It sports a 2.8 inch screen with below average 320×240 pixels resolution. The processing speed is @ 832MHz via a single core processor.

This handset runs on Android 2.3, comes with 3gigs of internal storage and RAM I think will be under 512MB. MicroSD card is supported. Other features included are 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 2MP rear camera and 3.5mm jack. A 1200 mAh battery will power this handset.

Price Rs. 6,900

Samsung Galaxy S Duos
For a price of around Rs. 17K you can own the Samsung Galaxy S Duos which incidentally looks like the Samsung Galaxy S3. This smartphone runs on ICS (Android 4.0) OS with dual SIM always on mode.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos and Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite

With the dual SIM always on mode, when the user who is busy on call using SIM 1 gets a call on the SIM 2, it is forwarded to SIM 1, and the caller does not get a not reachable message. Moreover the user also gets a call waiting tone and can switch and receive the call on SIM 1 forwarded through SIM 2.

The display screen is 4 inches with impressive resolution of 800×480 pixels. There is a 5mp rear auto focus camera and a VGA front camera. The RAM is 512MB with single core 1GHz processing power. The internal storage is 4GB with microSD support. A 1500 mAh battery powers this handset.

Price Rs. 17,900

Stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. Hi gogi:-) samsung galaxy y duos lite and samsung galaxy pocket duos bothe are one and the same. The same galaxy pocket duos has been introduced in india as samsung galaxy y duos lite…

  2. Dear Gogi,
    is Galaxy S Duos really dual sim active.? Still expensive. If so what about micromax A90 or A100, perhaps they are not dual sim active right? Could you please suggest is there any phones under 10k with dual sim active android phones ?

    1. You see today the dual SIM active phones are like you are on call on SIM 1 and you get a call on SIM 2 it will be forward to SIM 1, so you will get a call waiting tone and pick up the call. I don't think such features are active on A90/ A100. Also the Spice Mi-425 model and older phone pre A90/A100 would make the SIM 2 inactive even when you are using the 3G on SIM 1 (i.e. only when 3G is used – not when it is idle).

      But on A90 / A100 if you are downloading (from Google Play) using 3G you can still receive calls from SIM 2 / SIM 1, the download will be paused.

  3. Dera Gogi,

    Plz suggest me between dual sim phones HTC Desire V or Samsung S Duos? Which will be better Plz suggest, Thanks in Advance.

  4. Hi gogi, Can you suggest any dual core android phone below 20000. Sony Xperia U is good choice or not. What is quality and performance deference between branded mobile like samsung, sony and micromax like. Is it possible for you to compare same config mobile of both category.

  5. Hello Gogi, I am following your blog since so many days, what I like in you is you will reply & giving suggestions, that good quality which I like in you. Actually I am confused in between S Duos & MMX A90. Pl Suggest either to purchase A90 or Duos. For brand name we can't invest that much price,because all features are not so good as compared to A90. but What I am thinking if A90 after using 6 or .. if it is damage then 13 k will be wasted & also we can't get service centers for MMX as Samsung. As you see now a days one after one excellent phones are coming in the market. So it is not like we may/may not use our phone so many days/months. As you are using MMX A90 & have good knowledge about phones , so tell me which one is better. I am waiting from so many days to buy a android phone.

    1. Hi The A90 is much better and cheaper and service has also improved. Have you personally experienced bad service with Micromax or its just what people are telling. Even samsung service centers are filled with many customers with several issues. It all depends on the service center a bad center will give a bad name to the brand. I am using A90 and its simply great.

  6. Very high price. Does not support 720 p video. Battery of low mah. It should be priced around 13,000/.

  7. I just compared the specs of Samsung Y Lite Duos and Pocket Duos and was surprised to find they both are blatantly similar. 832 MHz, 2.8 inch display, 2 MP camera, 1200 mAh battery and Android GB. Is Samsung playing a joke on us 🙂

  8. I will say galaxy y duos lite is definitely overpriced it should come at 4,000 Rs. Whereas galaxy s duos still good in price but it should be 2.000 rs less but that's okay after all you are getting a big screen and twin brother of galaxy s3 just little difference but many of them cant own galaxy s3 but it price and this phone is very good for them and they can own it at less price.

  9. Epic fail, galaxy s duos is too overpriced for the specifications it is offering and so is galaxy y duos which is too underpowered for the specs it is offering. Thanks to these domestic handset makers which are offering value for money handsets that big companies like htc, samsung wont be able to sell their handsets fleecing Indian customers who is much more wiser with his money now. Don't you think gogi?

    1. Pawandeep, as long as there are companies like Samsung they will help the low cost manufacturers/ company and I don't think it is possible for them to compete at such a low price, moreover I think they want to attract high end users.

  10. Too expensive for the specification but anyways good brand and smart move, currently I am using samsung wave 525 I bought it for 6000 and completely enjoying with full features of Java now want to move in android hope I can find a good handset waiting for spice horizon or karbonn a24, thanks gogi.

  11. Gogi,

    I think Galaxy S duos will beat pulp out of HTC desire V. This phone looks impressive with the assurance of Samsung and with dual active always. Should I go for it or still wait for few launches. But I am still scared it might also attract lot of attention from pickpoceters as it is replica of S3.

    1. Gaurav, yes it is definitely cheaper than Desire V a good option though, don't worry about the Pick Pocketers (they themselves are confused with brands that look over 30K :-)).

      1. haha 😉 may be i am too scared should I wait more or go for A100 all over again, any update on A24 or Spice's phablet?

        1. Since you have waited so long wait some more days to see what A24 and Mi500 has. I think these two handsets should be in by end of Sept. And probably dual core version from micromax.

  12. Samsung Galaxy S duos is expensive than Micromax A90, The price factor play very crucial role between galaxy s duos and A90, A90 has Super AMOLED and 8MP camera instead they has maintain same features of its rival and this phn comes in your pocket just worth of 13K and Samsung Galaxy S duos worth 18K, Really 18k is really more for this phone, Samsung should care for this thing But right now they enjoy its Brand value thus, they hike price of their smartphone!!