If you have been using a Jio SIM with Reliance Jio Welcome Offer, do note that the offer will end today. The Welcome offer is set to expire on 31st December 2016, however the Jio services will continue, of course in free mode until 31st March 2017.

Most of you might be aware that Reliance had announced the Jio Happy New Year offer that was being activated with every new Reliance Jio SIM since December 5th and the validity is until March 31st 2017. All those who are currently using Welcome offer will automatically move on to Happy New Year offer.

There is however additional FUP restrictions with the new offer. Welcome offer gave users unlimited voice calls and data usage. The data usage came with 4GB cap per day i.e. if more than 4GB data was used within 24 hours the net speed will be reduced drastically – for the rest of the day.

Happy New Year offer comes with just 1GB cap limit per day.

Reliance welcome offer ends today

All Jio users on Welcome offer will automatically get enrolled into the Jio Happy New Year offer from 1st January 2017.

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  1. In some JIO Number two offer active -JIO welcome offer and JIO NEW YEAR Offer. JIO giving partial to users according to usage.

    1. Bro ur right. I to had download more than 2 GB in exact time. I thought technical error ??.

  2. Lots of videos are there on youtube for converting 3g mobile to 4g. Can we use reliance jio sim in 3g mobile ????

  3. I wanna tell you guys,
    Reduced speed around 128kbps will be free life time…
    What else would you want…..
    These 2G speeds …..other Operators charging more than 100₹ a months
    for the last few years.

  4. You Know, What is the surprise, After 31st March,
    Jio give you data at rs.151/GB & 299 for 2GB & 499 for 4GB.
    Then you all continue using Jio like you use it now..! & I am sure some of user will have to sell their cars & property very soon !

    1. Furthermore? who is continuing after March 31st? After that Monthly internet bill of most Jio user will be more than Rupess 1000.

  5. Now I am getting 2GB per day limit. it’s not 1GB per day, it’s 2GB free after which speed drops.

  6. Jio is having tremendous network. When I traveled from rourkela to Raipur whole way only jio gave networks even so called network everywhere company bsnl couldn’t give the network. And best part? I was able to stream music/videos even when train was running at 50-60kmh really jio has done tremendous change in mobile network which airtel/idea/bsnl couldn’t even claim for.

  7. Data rate fall drastically as smart giving better than jio speed at rs 20 for 1gb 3g data plus 49 rs talktime too with28 days validity ☺☺

  8. On Jio,
    I am getting 9 mbps at too far remote area in my village, where hardly other operators providing 2G networks properly.
    My eyes were wide opened.
    Kudos to Jio, well done.

  9. Happy New Year to everyone.
    Though speer of jio reduced tremendously, still i managed to download 400 GB around stuff with help of jiofi. This revolution is truly big step towards digitalisation. i am very sure that #demonetization and jio free services are somewhere connected.

    1. How is it possible for you?
      If you daily download 4GB then also in a month 120GB is the maximum download limit.

      And downloading at 128 kbps speed you can download extra 30Gb in a month.

      So 150 GB is the maximum limit per month.

      Is jiofi come with unlimited speed??

      1. I have downloaded 400GB in 3.5 months.from 05th Sept to 20th Dec 2016. and yes jiofi provides unlimited downloading till 20th sept 2016 under preview offer. At that time speed was good and Sim connection data were reduced already to 04GB. Jiofi turns up to be very good decision for me.