Some Redmi Note 3 users have got an update notification on their handset. This is a big update that brings Marshmallow on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. File size is big around 1.3GB, also the update is being rolled out to limited users probably still in testing phase.

If you are using the Redmi Note 3 handset and have got this update notification, let us know. In case, if you have already updated, please give us your feedback. For those who got the notification and planning to update make sure to keep battery at over 75% and use WiFi, or probably your Jio SIM to download this big update.

So Redmi Note 3 users watch out for MIUI Version MHOMIDI Nightly, of size 1.3GB. This update adds 3 finger swipe for screenshots, lets you set lock screen wallpaper as conversation background and more.

Those who have updated to MIUI, leave your feedback below.

MIUI Version MHOMIDI Nightly for Redmi Note 3

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  1. i can see my music player has gone wild or the new version MIUI every time i play music it pop up cant play song or file currupted so o new a solution so dat i can play music n enjoy..thankyou

  2. Following problems are noticed after up date:
    1. Fingerprint sensor not working (?) & unable to add fingerprint.
    2. Second space start malfunctioning. Automatically switchover to second space.
    3 Dual apps in some case (Phonepe, HP gas etc) not functioning.
    4 Apps & external flash e.g. iblazr/ Shotlight not functioning.
    5 Back & restore to OTG device not supported however copy past to OTG device is functioning.
    6. Unable to change mode of security lock. It is fixed in pattern only.

      1. HI,

        I am facing the same problem. After update, phone vibration stop working. when I shake my phone it started working again after vibrating 4 times, it stop working.

  3. After The Latest Update I have found Few Issues. . .
    1. HQ Songs stop after playing for few seconds
    2. The Bottom Of the Screen Just above Navigation Keys (You can see it sometimes when you pull down the notification bar) there are few lines I don’t know what they are a GUI issue.
    3. I think Battery is draining
    4. And Sometimes Heates for No reason.

  4. Unable to play music files in native Mi music player…says files are corrupted. Not receiving many calls, only get text notification of missed calls. Sometimes unable to make calls, it says ‘no network available; even when signal is strong. XIAOMI, please release stable update version 9 (and fix all the various errors mentioned here and the camera etc and other issues mentioned by other people) Please do not release further updates under version 8, change to new version 9 since version 8 is just not stable or dependable. Please release stable update version 9 soon!!

    1. I have same problem. Some dual apps like PhonePe not working. Second space also not working properly.

  5. Same Problems After the Update For me.
    1) Not playing or stops abruptly while playing HQ songs or some other songs.
    2) Seems to hang or is slow while using a few apps.
    3) Battery drain seems high.

  6. There are a 2 major issues with this new update that I am facing.
    1- Earphone mic not working.
    2- Music can’t be played on any app, a flash notification pops up ‘can’t play song’s after a few seconds.

  7. After updating to MIUI, notification light is not working properly at all. It is a great feature to know about notifications. After updating it, is not working at all. when this will be fixed?

      1. I am facing the same issue . It is very annoying .. Notification indicator on top of the call icon is missing for missed call ..

  8. After updating, camera function seem to hang quite easily. I did not had this problem before updating.

  9. I recently updated my Note 3 and there are a few issues mainly with the music. Most of my songs have got duplicates where one of them doesn’t play giving an error that it is a corrupted file or is of an unsupported format. The songs that haven’t got any duplicates don’t play for more than 20 seconds. It gives an error saying “Can’t play song”. Please solve these problems ASAP.

  10. Camera not working. After update to MIUI Can Any MI representatives please let me know how to fix.

  11. I’m not getting missed call notifications or alerts. Done all the suggested steps. I am getting every other notification except for missed calls. I’m not happy with the update.

  12. After updating notification lights not working, unable to increase the stand by screen on time now its too short.

  13. My problem is vibration, when I touch the finger print sensor it vibrates and then the phone is getting turn on. Is this normal with MIUI 8.1.1 I try to disable this vibration but I can’t…

  14. After updating miui 8.1 my camera doesn’t work. What should I do now. Is factory restart solve my problem. Please help.

  15. My problem is vibration, when I touch the finger print sensor it vibrates and then the phone is getting turn on. Is this normal with MIUI 8.1.1 I try to disable this vibration but I can’t…

  16. After updated, do not support dual apps (wechat n whatsapp). Battery run out too fast. Other than that still ok.

  17. After updating to MIUI, notification light is not working properly at all. It is a great feature to know if you have any missed calls. After updating it, is not working at all.

  18. Miui8.1.1.0 rock and with android 6.0 I am fan of miui and Redmi phones. Evey thing is fine with latest update.

  19. I am facing a issue of vibration, when I touch the finger print sensor it mildly vibrates and then the phone is getting turn on. Is this normal with MIUI 8.1.1 Stable update? I have reset my phone but this issue remains unfixed.

  20. Camera not working battery life took a big hit I wish I could go back to the previous rom.

  21. My Device became worst after this update. It doesn’t unlock or detect fingerprint on first boot. Once it didn’t unlock my device even the patternI drawn was correct. After several attempts of failure it showed to wait 120 minutes for next attempt because of wrong pattern even I’ve drawn correct. Then after waiting 120 minutes it unlocked but fingerprint still doesn’t unlock device on first boot. Some apps don’t even work in background which were previously working. Miui became worst this time.

    I was Xiaomi’s die hard fan and also it’s MIUI. But I hate this update. Many issue were detected. Please fix this.

    I love MI. I love MIUI but except this update.

  22. After updating to got message – SD card not supported. Proposed to format it. Reboot does not help. All other works fine.

  23. After Update My Camera Has Stopped Working. And I tried Rebooting Too And Still Problem Is Same. So Please Let Me Know What Shall I Do In This Issue. Rest All Working Fine

      1. Even I’m facing the same issues after the update. All the songs marked HQ on my player give an error : Can’t play song. Someone please help

  24. After this update my battery is draining like a hell. Usually i have a great battery life. With a 100% i can go 2 complete days before the next charge but now for the same usage i have to charge the same day even before my use ends. the charge time as usual very high nearly 4 hrs. now in addition i have heating issue toooo.

  25. If anyone is not getting update in redmi note 3 of 8.1.1 then just go to official Miui site and chose redmi note 3 and chose your download package…Stable or Developer .But listen if you are chosing developer rom,you will not be able to update your device because redmi note 3 and many xiaomi phones having locked bootloader..if you want to unlock bootloader it will take many days.So just download the stable rom and in updater app just chose download package..but you should have a network Connection for gathering information.At last just reboot your device.

    Now you have Updated Android to Marshmallow with a stable rom.


  26. I update to the latest MIUI version on 18 Dec. My dual apps is not working after the update(Whatsapp). The cloned app is not able to read my contacts and hence I am not able to start conversations. Is anyone else facing the same issue.
    Please suggest

  27. just updated my redmi note 3 pro.

    1. the miui seem to be smoother and faster. not lag as previous miui
    2. the notification not show anything.
    3. problem with sd card. cannot read. and when i try to used my laptop, it said the sd card need to be fix. (WTH???)
    4. keep showing SD card – touch to open in explorer in notifications.
    5. i’ve change my sd card, the same problem (no 3 & 4) keep showing.

    dang. all my picture is in the sd card. XIAOMI please fix this one~

    1. After Updating redmi note 3: I am also facing same issue of SD card. I am also facing network issue, its showing ‘No Service’. Did you get the resolution??

    2. I am having the same problem as well! Micro SD card not even detected….and worst of all, when plugged into my PC, the contents of the micro SD card don’t seem to be there anymore!

      If anyone has a good fix on this, I would be most grateful

  28. I have a problem using dual apps (Whatsapp) with the latest update. The second app is not able to read my contacts even though all permissions are enabled. Is anyone else facing this issue. Please suggest solution

  29. Just updated the phone and just like others have mentioned, the led light doesn’t work in notifications. Music player seems to work fine, haven’t really noticed much improvements or difference. Is there anyway we can change the phone lock/unlock sound?

    1. I have done Os up gradation on 17th Dec’16, after this I am facing the following issues. My request to MIUI Developers to fix the same at the earliest for all Mi Note 3 Users

      1. Dual Application Notification Sound is not Working even after managing all possibilities/permission/priority etc.

      2. System is acting slow.

      3. Music Files are not working correctly.