WhatsApp had already made an announcement that their app will not work on older devices or devices running outdated software. From 2017 onwards WhatsApp will not work on smartphones running Android 2.2, Windows Phone 7 and iOS 6.

So in case if you are still using WhatsApp and using any of these operating system, then better buy a new handset. The good news is that there are very few users using these outdated operating system specially when it comes to Android platform, however there are still around 8% Apple users using older iOS.

Windows mobile users running Windows 7, do note after 2017 WhatsApp will not run on your smartphone. It makes sense to buy the latest hardware running latest operating system as the technology is changing rapidly and new features being added.

WhatsApp Support Ends for older devices from 2017

It is rather difficult to maintain the programing standards with older OS, cause these older OS running on outdated hardware, most of the time don’t match up with the capabilities.

So in case if you are running outdated Android OS 2.2 or below, iOS 6 or below and Windows 7 or below it’s time to buy a new handset.

By Sunil V