If you are planning to buy the Redmi 4 handset do check the next sale that begins today. The Redmi 4 will be available on Mi.com as well on Amazon and the sale will begin at 12PM. For this sale too the 4GB/64GB variant will not be made available.

Redmi 4 is a very good buy for the price, if your usage is not much the you can go for the Redmi 4 2GB RAM variant and if your usage is medium to high then 3GB is good enough. Don’t look at RAM look at the internal storage, if that is enough for your usage.

Best thing about the Redmi 4 is the 4100 mAh non-removable battery that gives a very good battery life of up to 2 days with mixed usage. Coming to the color Redmi 4 will be available in Gold and Black.  Go for the black color variant it looks simply superb.

Redmi 4 next sale on Amazon

As for gorilla glass protection on Redmi 4, we already did an article on that.  So get ready for the Redmi 4 sale.

You don’t need any special software / app to get lucky when buying from Amazon / Mi.com. Just follow this step, half an hour before the sales starts logout and then login with your account and then go to the Redmi 4 page where you will see the buy now button when sale begins. Refresh the page every 8 or 10 minutes. 5 minutes before the sale begins refresh one or two times and when 30 seconds left for sale, refresh once, this is just to make sure the countdown time and the actual count down on Amazon / Mi.com matches, and you are not running few seconds late.

So jump to Amazon and you can also check on Mi.com (check on both).

Let us know if you managed to get one.