Redmi 4 and YU Yureka Black comparison – which one should you buy?

So after the YU Yureka Black review, the next question is which is the best one among Redmi 4 and Yureka Black. This YU Yureka Black and Redmi 4 comparison will give you a better idea and definitely Redmi 4 is a better option.

YU Yureka Black Vs Redmi 4 comparison


Both handsets come with 5 inch screen with a 2.5D curved glass but with different resolution. Redmi 4 features a 1280 x 720 pixels resolution whereas YU Yureka Black comes with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution.

Screen quality – not much of a difference but I liked the Redmi 4 screen better when compared with the Yureka Black. Redmi 4 comes with 10 point multi touch support and Yureka Black comes with 5 point multi touch support.


Size wise the Yureka Black is bigger in length. Both handsets are black colored, Redmi 4 with matte finish and Yureka with glossy back finishing (matte variant will also be available soon). Check the video review and see it side by side.


RAM / ROM depends on your usage / budget, RAM does not really matter, just look for internal storage space. Both handsets are running Marshmallow and will get Nougat update. Hardware performance is the same, though Redmi 4 is using SD 435 octa core processor and Yureka Black is using SD 430 octa core processor.

Redmi 4 vs YU Yureka Black comparison


Both can capture above average quality shots, though selfie shots were better on Yu Yureka Black and rear camera was a little better on Redmi 4.

Finger Print Sensor

YU Yureka Black comes with finger print sensor on the front and Redmi 4 comes with FP sensor on the back. If you check the video you can clearly see that FP processing is faster on the Redmi 4.

Missing on YU Yureka Black

Gyro Sensor and IR Blaster is missing on the Yureka Black but present on the Redmi, that gives an advantage to Redmi 4. Though these may not be of much use if you are not planning to use VR or not interested in using the handset as a remote control.

Battery Life Redmi 4 vs YU Yureka Black

The battery life is better on the Redmi 4 since it comes with 4100 mAh non-removable battery whereas the Yureka Black comes with 3000 mAh non-removable battery. Fast charging is not supported on both these handsets and battery life on Redmi 4 is better i.e. 2 days of mixed usage.

Redmi 4 and YU Yureka Black which one to buy?

Redmi 4 is definitely a better option, but YU Yureka Black is not that bad, first preference go for Redmi 4 and if you are not able to get that, you can consider buying the Yureka Black.

Redmi 4 is available from Rs. 6,999.
YU Yureka Black is available for Rs. 8,999.


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