Amazon has launched Amazon Prime in India. This is a premium service similar to the Flipkart First. Customers will need to pay a nominal yearly subscription fee – they can then enjoy express services for free or at discounted price.

Amazon Prime benefits

With Amazon Prime customers will get one day / two days delivery for free (unlimited) and  they can avail same day delivery at discounted price. Now this will only be applicable if the product is marked ‘Prime’ with the Prime logo.

Benefits also include same day delivery / Discounted Morning delivery / Discounted Scheduled delivery at Rs. 50, free standard delivery with no minimum order value, early access to lightning deals (Prime Early Access) and exclusive lightning deals for Prime members (Prime Exclusive Deals).

Amazon Prime launched in India

How to Subscribe to Amazon Prime

For now Amazon is offering Prime in India on trail basis for 60 days after that customer will need to pay Rs. 499 for 1 year. This is a limited period offer – if anyone wants to subscribe to Prime after the offer expires then they will have to pay Rs. 999 per year. Visit to subscribe.

Should you really opt for Prime?

It depends on your Amazon experience; if you have bought lot of stuffs or are frequently buying products from Amazon it will be easier for you to make a decision.

How many times did you get one day / two day / same day delivery options for Amazon products? If you rarely got those options then Prime will not make any difference.

If you had shopped a lot from lighting deals on Amazon then getting Prime will make it a lot easier.

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  1. Amazon Prime membership introductory price as of now is Rs. 499 and it will be until October 30 after that Amazon will increase the Prime Membership to Rs. 999. In case you are planing to become a Prime member do it before 30th October.

    1. Amazon deliberately delays non prime order to 15 days .to force people to buy prime which is every month seen as last day for prime offer at 499 since last year and it will likely to continue further few years .

  2. Gogi you forgot to mention access to amazon video streaming which going to be launched soon.

  3. Flipkart deliberately doings delivery late to enforce buyers to attract flipkart first, by keeping 5 days in hub, which is just 2 hours journey, to delivered on last day of expected delivery.

    1. Flipkart is digging their graves for sometime now. But i will still support them once in a while, if no competition amazon wont remain this good.