If you are a Flipkart First users and have registered for the Redmi 1S sale on 2nd September, here is some good news. Flipkart will be giving early access to 2000 Flipkart First users who registered for the sale.

The first 2000 FlipKart First users will be able to buy the Redmi 1S on 1st September at 2PM i.e. a day before the actual sale. And there is nothing they need to do. In fact one Redmi 1S will be added in their cart automatically all they need to do is make the payment.

The first 2000 users will be notified on 31st August. With the 1S already in their shopping cart the users will need to complete the transaction by 3rd September. The usual flash sale on the 2nd September will happen until stocks last.

Xiaomi has stopped the Mi3 registration for now, what does this mean? Will they continue selling the Mi3 again or that’s the end! The Redmi 1S sales will start and probably after that the company will sell the RedMi Note.

Flipkart First users early access to Redmi 1S

Not sure if we will see the Mi3 again but if they continue selling the 1S for a month and then Redmi Note for another then probably the next thing will be the Xiaomi Mi4.

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. Respected Gogi I have tried for mi3 for a month with flip kart flash sales after reading your review. My Samsung Galaxy SL crashed suddenly and was in search of a good phone. Finally settled with moto g. While searching for the accessories I have received a mail from you about flipkart first and redmi 1s priority pass. Yesterday it was possible for me to order redmi 1s finally. I was selected as one of the first 2000 priority customers. How did you get the news well advance and thanks for posting.

    Yesterday saw your video review and got dilemma whether to buy this or cancel this and go for Asus zenphone4 or 5. But finally booked while considering the mi (mission impossible) may become possible with smart guys like gogi and their extended help.
    Thanks with regards

  2. I am convinced that that CTO of Flipkart should be fired! After all the hungama of MI3, they seems to not learnt anything. Till now I havent got the promised Redmi in my cart….. Flipkart is screwing itself …

  3. Even I got confirmation mail regarding being first 2000 FF customer and phone will be automatically added to my cart; but Flipkart didn’t add Redmi 1S and when I phoned them, they told me that I would have to try for tomorrow. This is very unfair by Flipkart…. luring customers to purchase Filpkart first and then denying the service delivery 🙁

  4. I too got confirmation email from flipkart that a redmi 1s will be added to my cart by default on 1 september. I guess I got lucky this time 🙂

  5. i received this email just now, thanks flipkart
    You are among the first 2000 Flipkart First subscribers to register for Early Access to Redmi 1S.

    Your Redmi 1S phone will be automatically added to your cart on 1st Sep at 2PM and will be available to checkout till 3rd Sep 11.59PM.

    Please ensure you are logged in with your Flipkart First registered email id during this time to avail your Early Access.

    To ensure that all our customers can get their hands on Redmi 1S, we are limiting orders to one phone per registered email id.

    Happy Shopping !

    Warm Regards,
    Flipkart Team

    1. Hello, have you got the phone in ur cart ? lemme know. I dint get it even being among first 2000 subscribers.

  6. Hello,

    Thank you for registering for Early Access to Redmi 1S.

    We regret to inform you that your registration for Early Access to Redmi 1S was after the first 2000 entries.

  7. Same with me
    these guys does not have any data, who are the 1st 2000 ff subscribers to register for redmi 1s sale for 1st sept

  8. Good News guys Xiaomi has planned to Launch Mi4(Already mentioned by gogi) and Mi band by end of this year its #Confirmed so wait until the beast arrives even i too planning to buy

  9. Registered for Redmi 1s , a superb gift 4 my parents hope I Win it lol….
    Please help me with the flipkart buying trick video can’t find it thanks 🙂

  10. Should I buy Redmi 1S on 2nd September or Wait till Google One phones to be launched in few weeks?

  11. The phone is not for gamers.Only about 300MB RAM free out of 1GB.MIUI is older version not that of MI3 and based on Android 4.3.All apps not transferrable to external sd card.But the phone has an excellent camera,even better than 13 MP camera of RedMI Note.Its really a joke that Xiaomi has discontinued MI3 sales.What if after 6 months ,they shut off their operations from India?They are not serious about Indian consumers.Lacs of people wasted their time and patience every tuesday in getting a MI3 and now they have just discontinued its sale?Shame!

    1. Bro i don’t think they have discontinued the sale of Mi3 sale in india because still many users are eager to buy it maybe they are planning to bring more more stock of mi3 lets just wait and see what’s gonna happen

  12. They are making big fun of Indian consumers. MI3 has been discontinued and RedMi is on sale… wow!!! how many are going to line up for the flash sale of RedMI. Grow up guys.

  13. Flipkart customer care executive flatly denies any email being sent to FlipkartFirst customers or anything mentioned in the article above! Can someone please post a screenshot of the email received?

  14. Flipkart shows first 2000 ffs get 1s before its launch,,I registered & its showing u will able to get 2nd September .. but i am also ffs customer

    1. I contact flipkart team they told first 2k members who subscribe flipkart first …. I think you are not in that 2k

      1. did any of the flipkart first customer actually got a confirmation that they are registered for 1st september? because i am a FF subscriber and it still reads “you are registered for sale at 2PM on 2ns sept”.

  15. people choose value for money, I won’t go for FFirst, Wanted badly but will play my luck trick & hope.

  16. Simply means they r going to phase out all existing stocks.
    Good news is new models r coming.only after end of this year with lte support.thats y they reduced price.
    first mi4,redmi 2, note…updated version.this r signs of that..

  17. MIUI ROM is resource intensive. So battery of 2000 mAh capacity will give just average backup I guess, as it has to handle quad core Snapdragon 400 with HD display. Better wait until Motorola’s launch event on 5th September when Moto G successor is expected to be launched.

  18. What this means ? Does only 2000 people of FF, registered for this product ? Is this 2000 also first come , first serve of FF customers ?
    Do we have to be a FF customer, before registeration for this to avail this offer ?
    What if i avail FF now and then register for the productr, will i also come under 2000 category ?

    Kindly clarify

  19. hello gogi i still not getting any email from flipkart
    as a flipkart first customer and i also registerd sharp 6:03 when the registration started
    what that mean?m out or in??already called 3times to flipkart they dont have proper solution
    and one executive says when u press the register button then if there says 2nd sept then u r not allowed for 1st sept sale??pls share some info what to do?m in a big trouble need that device badly

    1. if u r flipkart first customer, then just register on flipkart redmi sale. u dont need mail for registering, u will certainly receive mail if u r 1st 2000 cutomer . any way i think till now 2000 customer must have register, why people think too much without using mind. u should have register first and waited for mail.

  20. As far as news from news from Zauba, I don’t saw any import detail of Redmi…

    So how flipkart is going to give 2000 Redmi sets..

    And Mi3 has not stopped..

    See this..

    20000 mi3 has been again shipped to India on 25th….but no Redmi other than that 50 pieces..

    Gogi what’s your opinion on this?? Will flipkart really going to sell Redmi,?

    1. I think, may be that 20000 stock was for 26th sale!!?
      This Redmi 1S may bring down some of the demand for MI3 and Note devices. But, definitely this is going to be another mayhem, may be more than what Moto E has created. Let’s hope they have many devices in stock in order to server more than a lakh buyers. Xiaomi/Flipkart, just get ready for another mayhem on 2nd sept….. and so on….. 😉

  21. It is not that demanding as mi3. Beware before purchase & go for some reviews; don’t get unnecessarily influenced by Mi3’s sell.

  22. I think they won’t sell Mi3 anymore…. Next two months they will be selling Redmi 1s and Redmi Note… ! ! Mi4 will come before 2015… And starting from Jan-Feb Relianc Jio 4g network will start functioning… 2015 will be an era of 4g in India… So I will wait a bit for Mi4 or any other 4g based phones… 🙂 to be released…

  23. So what that mean ? Stopping mi 3 sales will we get to see in future,? i hope that they come up with more Mi3 stock in September

  24. I am also flipkart first customer since last 5 months. Thank god my free validity is upto 11th of next month.Now lets see whether they will count their free flipkart first customer or not.

  25. Cons of Redmi 1S as heard from my friend abroad.
    1.No kitkat update.
    2 Navigation buttons are capacitive but they wouldn’t light up, in night so it is bit difficult to use
    3 You can’t move or install apps on to the sd card, another worst part is photos/videos taken with camera can’t be saved to sd card, they get saved on internal memory and you can’t transfer them to sd card, these two sd card issues can be fixable via update but the question is will xiaomi provides the update to fix them ?
    4 Asphalt 8 showing some lag while playing in higher graphics mode
    5. Its just gorilla glass 2 protection where as moto g has gorilla glass 3, it is preferred to use scratch guard for Redmi 1s
    6 It is not water resistant(moto g is water resisten)

    1. And cons of Moto G over Redmi 1s??
      And for the software part. I bet you’ll surely forget about which droid you’re running because of MIUI. And another thing, Xiaomi is known for their updates on MIUI. Just see how they handle security bug just days ago.

    2. 1.No will provide kitkat update.
      2 Navigation buttons wont light up, but there are only 3 of them it wont be that difficult to use
      3 Yes, we can’t move or install apps on to the sd card – They wont enable this feature , coz it will make problem with their MIUI.
      What do you mean by photos/videos taken with camera can’t be saved to sd card ?
      You are saying that we cant move them – manually ?
      If they are jpeg images , it is possible. (I think)

      4 Asphalt 8 showing no lag in many gaming reviews – just clear RAM before playing.

      5. Any phone with Gorilla Glass is recommended to use with a screen protector.

      6 It is not water resistant as Moto G and it is only half the price of Moto G.

    3. 12000 के मोबाईल का कम्‍पेरिजन 6000 के मोबाईल से!!

    4. Please kindly compare the price also….

      Why comparing the -ve sides…
      the price here is the huge +ve side of phone..

      Will you get moto G for Rs.6K…
      Its 10499….

      Other than Xiaomi no one is providing these much Spec Mobile at 6K

      I accept that there are some -ve sides with the phone as u said…but here the Price tag will hide them simply….

    5. It costs Rs 5999 ,moto g doesnt cost Rs 5999

      it is Hd resolution. moto g is not truely Hd on screen navigation button occupies pixels

      it has qualcomm processor, moto g has not qualcomm processor

      it has a better camera ,, moto g has not

      1. Ankit the Reviewer…
        Dude,pls brush up your knowledge…you have google…or gogi.in also has Moto G review….its one of the best phone which were available those day 🙂

    6. Redmi 1S is the father of moto G:
      1.Moto G is not water resistant. It just has nano coating on the screen.
      2.Ram availability on moto G is very low… about 250mb and u will be surprised to know that I am unable to browse smoothly using chrome and every 10 mins I have to clean ram.
      3. The phone has dual sim issues… Network disappears often.
      4. To many bugs…. Keyboard disappears while typing, laggy keyboard and the screen is not as sensitive as it should have been+it’s thick.
      5.I personally prefer miui over stock rom… And those moto lovers also know that stick ROM also lags!!!!
      And yes do compare the price and specs…. U can get 2 Redmi 1S in place of 1 Moto G. So here are the true facts…. Accept it don’t accept it,u know deep with urself what’s true.

  26. That’s Great News Gogi..
    I am flipkart First User and also today i registered for 1s.. that’s mean i am getting 1s…

    1. Every Flipkart first will get the mail. If you are among the first 2000 then you will get the mail on 31st.

      1. dear gogi,
        i have registered for red mi sale, after that i have subscribed for flipkart first even before they announced 2000FF customer scheme. i am just curious weather am eligible for that ??? i have not got any mail so

  27. First things first: “Flipkart First Customer” is a premium subscription for which you will have to pay Rs.500 (not sure if it is changed). If you have subscribed for this you will be given priority in every purchase that you make from Flipkart’s in house retailer “WS Retail”.

    Second: Flipkart, as part of it’s premium subscription, will give its First Customers an option to buy Redmi 1s before 2nd September.

    Third: I have registered for the purchase of 2nd September (obviously not a First Customer), and I am not sure if I will be getting the chance to purchase sinse neither Xiaomi nor Flipkart has said a word about the stock.

    1. not all First Customers will get an option to buy Redmi 1s before 2nd September.
      Only 2000 (including me) will get it.

  28. Hope to see mi4 at the festive season of diwali. Will be a big diwali gift from xiaomi to its Indian customers.

    1. No , Mi4 will be here only at the end of the year .
      That means by the end of November or at the beginning of December.

      1. I wish I could have waited for mi4. I just bought mi3 and now it will be replaced by mi4 in December as per the fonearena interview with Hugo Barra. 🙁

  29. So this suggests the actual no of redmis for sale is quiet low!! Looks like more and more people will take the Zenfone way.

    1. I don’t think they are giving all of their stocks to FlipKart First Subscribers , it will be just 10% of the total stock . There will be at least 20K devices available – lets hope so.

  30. I don’t understand……flipkart 1st customer means? but, I registered just at 6pm today, is it mean I am in first 2000 customers..?

  31. Is it only for flipkart First customers or the first 2000 who registered for it first ?

      1. still nothing on promotions tab also….I called them they said a mail will be send on sunday.

  32. I am also a flipkart first customer register dot 6:05pm when it start still no email or anything.

  33. Gogi,
    I dont see anything about early access in flipkart site, I am flipkart first customer.

        1. What u think it is only applicable for filpkart first customer only ? And not for those who have registered first ?