Realme 1 RAM Management issue on 3GB variant – The REAL issue! and How to fix

This article / video is about Realme 1 RAM management on 3GB variant. I had already done the review and being a software professional (hardcore level) I usually do not talk about RAM management as Android is efficient enough, moreover most want to buy handset and are not even gaming users.

After my review video went live many users were complaining about if I faced an RAM management issues. There were too many questions and even Realme twitter handle accepted the fact that there is RAM Management issue.

Now being from a hardcore software background, this thing was a bit weird for me. Everyone talking about bad RAM management, and the apps that you open on the Realme 1 handset they close off if you switch to or run any games.

RAM management is important from a programmers point of view. We need to keep some RAM available for better System performance. Today there are many Youtube reviewers and one pickups something and everyone does the same.

realme 1 ram management

Since the RealMe 1 RAM management issue is big as mentioned by other reviewers, I decided to make a video about it i.e. RAM management on Realme 1. When I opened some apps and ran a game all the apps in the background closed, really bad RAM management, is it? there is really a serious issue.

You need to be smart enough to understand what I mentioned. Unfortunately you will need to watch the video, the suspense is there. The video also covers the best RAM management solution for RealMe 1 3GB variant.

Check the video on RealMe 1 RAM Management

Check the full review

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