Just recently there was a report about a newly launched Apple iPhone 8 Plus bursting up in Taiwan and now another report from Japan. This time the case was a little different, a user from Japan who received the iPhone found it was already snapped apart.

This is kind of really weird, the user gets a new box pack and upon opening finds that the handset is not intact, its split open, and its a iPhone, seems like  a manufacturing defect and one wonders if that happened on its own or did the quality control blinked!

Now this is interesting – the user who got the split iPhone 8 Plus posted the images on twitter, and it looks like the split is not related to battery, there was no burn marks or nothing to indicate as to why this happened.

So far just 2 cases but surprisingly in both the cases the iPhone 8 Plus split opened. This could indicate some serious manufacturing defects that gets triggered by something / some catalyst probably heat, but that does not explain why the iPhone 8 Plus in a new box pack split opened.

iPhone 8 plus split open

Anyway, Apple is looking into this and so far they are clueless, it is not that easy finding the fault or a matter of fact even finding a valid reason that could trigger this.

iPhone 8 plus split open new box pack

Image source : Twitter @ Magokoro0511

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in