Apple recently launched their latest flagship the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Now there is a report about a iPhone 8 Plus 64GB variant busting while charging. This incident happened in Taiwan as reported by the sources.

A women named Wu (from Taiwan) claimed that she bought the iPhone 8 Plus 64GB and on the third day while charging the handset exploded, not really an explosion, no flames but the screen got pushed out by the inflating battery.

The next thing that Wu did was to remove the charger that probably saved the handset from catching fire / exploding. Wu also confirmed that she at that time was using the official charger provided by Apple, that came in the iPhone box pack.

iPhone 8 Plus Bursts while Charging

Apple, as per reports have already replaced the device and looking in to the matter. There is also reports (unconfirmed) about Apple using the same company called ATL, it is the same that supplied batteries for the Galaxy Note 7.

Every smartphone brand goes through this, few such isolated incidents may happen but if it starts happening on a larger scale then – Houston we have a problem!

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