iPhone itself falls in the premium category, however along with Apple iPhone 8 and the Apple iPhone 8 Plus the company launched the Apple iPhone X a high end premium iPhone that features a 5.8 inch OLED Super Retina screen with 2436 x 1125 pixels resolution.

So the only thing different on the iPhone X when compared with the iPhone 8 / 8 Plus is the screen size, resolution and display type. The iPhone X is using OLED Super Retina HD display of size 5.8 inches with 2436 x 1125 pixels resolution.

The iPhone X is also using A11 6 core Bionic 64 bit processor with M11 motion co processor and 3 core GPU. It is IP67 certified and users get option to go with 64GB or 256GB storage. iOS 11 runs the show.

There are dual cameras on the back a 12MP wide angle with f/1.8 aperture and a telephoto camera with a f/2.4 aperture. It can shoot Slow mo in 1080p at 240 fps and 4K at 60fps. Front camera is a 7MP shooter.

Apple iPhone X launched

iPhone X comes with TrueDepth camera technology for FaceID facial recognition and stereo speakers. Now the interesting thing on the iPhone X is that it does not come with finger print sensor, you use face unlock.

Key features are 4G VoLTE, GPS, Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi and NFC. The non-removable battery supports fast charging can supports wireless charging (Qi). ย Apple iPhone X price starts from $999 for 64GB version and $1149 for 256GB version.

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  1. Galaxy Note $ 999 in US in India Rs. 67900

    Iphone X $999 in US in India Rs. 89000


    1. Brother samsung own land is korea not u.s but apple own land is u.s now come tompricing
      Galaxy note 8 price in korea is 699$ but in other world approximately 999$ so price in us and india is same coming to iphone x
      Price in us 999$ but price in other countries like korea and India approximately 1450$
      Even long back micromax mobiles ard high priced in pakistan compared to india.
      Hope you it
      Thanks gogi and please review the iphone x.

  2. Phone adapting to the user -android phones

    User adapting to the phone – iPhone.

    Decide if you are the master and the owner of your phone or your phone is your master.

    Then buy the one that as per your answer to the above.

  3. Still using 3years old phone……cause can’t afford it sorry iPhone I’ll go for my msoft windows phone update windows 10….?

  4. All the people here saying that they are not Apple fanboys and defending Apple are definitely, most certainly Apple fanboys ?.

  5. After mi mix I thought Apple will release Bessel less phone with top notch design, like some how they gonna put all the censors and front camera under the display. But it look like half cooked for me,

  6. This cutout at top of display is ugly. There was Essential Phone with a small hole in the display for front camera. That itself was ugly. Half eaten display doesn’t look attractive. It’s not like their half eaten logo.

  7. First of all I am not an Apple Fan Boy , I own Android
    Read on

    With the launch of Iphone X , Apple has made a punch on the face of android brands ( who copy iphone features & its looks ) right from the price range of 10K-30K ( Xiaomi , Oppo , Vivo ,Lenovo etc ) , 30K-40K ( One Plus ) , Above 50K ( Samsung )

    This punch is not only in terms of new features or software upgrades but also in terms of design & innovation and to show them who is the real innovator . Tim Cook rightly said that Iphone X has a decade of technology .

    All these other brands under 30K had copied Iphone design even upto 99% with special features such as finger print sensor and metal unibody design phones at such cheap rates.
    Apple did realised that their brand value was on decline because chinese brands started to launch iphone like phones right from 10K with all such features ( Technology did become cheap for putting finger print sensor at such cheap rates or making full metal body phones at lowest rates )

    This was the talk about features at such low budget , then comes brand like Samsung which is in direct competition with Apple . Now in the price segment of above 65K people not only needed premium phone but also some innovative features.

    With this Iphone X Launch they have left the old design behind which is now used by more than 80% of chinese phones , They can clone the bezel-less design but not at cheap rates for now in 2017 I can say . Bezel-less phones with OLED displays are not cheap . Apart from this Face ID feature , Glass Back Panel , Wireless Charging etc cannot be copied by chinese brands at lower rates or to be precise at a price segment of under 15K atleast for 4 years I suppose ( Because technology is becoming cheap in 3-4 years of time span )

    With knocking off the chinese manufacturers , Apple has now shown its Premium features & Innovation ability to Samsung .

    A Big Punch I can say

    This was the answer to all copy paste old designs of iphone & innovation/ premium featues at lower rates.

    No doubt chinese makers are going to start cloning this device but will not be cheap for now . And if you talk about all such features then it has much time for technology to become cheap

    I thinks Iphone X is a big hit for Apple , forget about the Samsung S8 & Note 8 ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Bro can you tell me what is innovative and unique thing in this Iphone? As far my knowledge goes “All the features that iphone X owned, whom you referring as innovations, are already available in android phones.

      So Where is innovation???

    2. Innovation? what exactly is so innovative here? the animoji?

      The design is not entirely new as you claim, there are a bunch of android phones already in the market.

      Did you just say ” Chinese companies can clone the bezel-less design”, who started the bezel-less design? May be it’s Apple for you but the world has seen such phones way before. Apple failed to implement Touch ID under the screen, they worked on it and couldn’t materialize. So, they came up with Face ID and you call this innovation? Is Face ID something new to you? May be it’s a better implementation but certainly not a new innovation.

      Apple showed its innovative ability to Samsung? hahaha, thanks for the laugh.

      Yeah, you may be right that bezel-less design, face id, wireless charging, glass back panel are the features that can’t be implemented in a low priced phone. But the real question is, are those features necessary? Not for me, not for many.

      I agree that apple products are built well and may work well for few years. But who wants to use a phone for 3-4 years? All the phones people bought 2 years ago had only 3g, are you comfortable using a 3g phone now? Technology is changing at a very fast pace and almost all the phones become outdated in 1-2 years. I own a Mac and been using it for 4 years, it’s built well and works flawlessly but I can’t find all the programmes that I need and the ones I find I have to pay.

      Iphone X may be a big hit as you predict but it still doesn’t change the fact that apple products are over priced and many people buy to let others know that they are rich. you started saying ‘i’m not an apple fanboy’, at least accept the fact that you are.

      And just to let you know, Microsoft is miles ahead of apple in terms of innovative products.

      1. Lol the first statement was for guys like you only. I own an android so how come i am an apple fan boy ? I know apple phones are overpriced but samsung is also not behind in terms of over pricing .

        Bro understand the difference of premium phones . All those features are not necessary thats why they are premium , there is a reason why we call them premium .
        And thanks to you that Phone segment is being compared with Microsoft , how baseless .
        Atleast compare it with other phone brands.

        In the end the thing is if I cannot own an iphone I will always say that everything is available under 10K

        1. Uh? One can’t be an apple fan if he/she owns an android?

          When did I compare windows phones with apple phones? I said Microsoft as a company brings more innovation to the world than apple and I stand on it. Microsoft is in process of developing technology to type using eye control which would help people who are physically disabled, they recently tested emma watch successfully on a girl with Parkinson’s disease, not to forget the AR, surface products and there are many examples I can give. I have nothing to say if you still think apple is more innovative than Microsoft.
          Also, I never said Apple phones are not premium and the Samsung phones are cheap. I only said iphone X doesn’t offer any path breaking innovation.

          1. Apple is innovative in fooling people with ‘naming gimmicks’ like retina display, neural engine etc ? ? ?

        2. In the end the thing is if I cannot own an iphone I will always say that everything is available under 10K —– right on face dude

    3. If u are talking about beezless display xiaomi is the 1st one to introduce that with mi mix (sharp tried it before but they failed)… Other than the design there is no great innovations here which we have not seen. But anyway there is no denying its a very good phone form apple

    4. Ignoring lot of fact and saying apple invented every thing,Ur definitely a apple fanboy. Iphone 6 is perfected reassemble of old htc design. facial recognize, beseless display nothing new.

  8. Face id unlock technology is not yet perfect…during iPhone X presentation it faced some problem and failed to unlock. Pretty embarrassing moment for apple. Fingerprint unlockng is more reliable feature but iphone X does not have it. iPhone X looks beautiful but highly overpriced. Xiaomi , Lenovo and other Chinese brands must have already started working on cloning of iPhone X and it won’t take them long to come up with device in 15k price bracket. Infact elephone S8 has been launched few days back that starts new era of phones with 18.9 screen with 2k display for just 240 USD.

    1. Did no one see what was written on the screen at that time .
      The phone needed to be unlocked by the passcode first time to enable face id. Then it worked pretty fine.

      And I’m not an apple fan or sheeple.
      It’s what I noticed.

      1. Muraree didn’t you see the video part being cut due to that camera and sensor modules. It was looking awful because while playing videos you want to get immersed fully not to loose a part of it….

        Even apps will take time to be compatible as their icons need to be relocated to suit that absurd view….

        I wish they have followed essentials way… But they say we are apple, why should we… Hahaha…

    2. If you think chinese brands will clone the devices under 15k price bracket then your are wrong buddy . Bezel-less display will still cost more than 15 , glass back panel under 15 K ?? Its surely not possible for the coming 3-4 years in this price range . Apart from this what about the features like wireless display & face ID….they can copy but wont be able to make it under 15K . Technology will become cheap for this type of features after a certain time . So for the perfect clone you wont get at under 15k for atleast 3-4 years

      1. already LG Q6 launched much before iPhone X has face unlock feature and 18:9 display and available under 15k.

        1. So face unlock of LG is better than Apple ?
          And you are neglecting other features ? ( OLED Display , Wireless charging , Glass Body )
          You will find one feature in one phone but not all features in a single phone
          Get my point buddy

          I am not a Apple fan boy , I own android