Powerup Dart Paper Airplane controlled by App and Dart Module

Many of you know about drones, toy helicopters and planes and now here is a paper Airplane that can be controlled by your smartphone. Presenting Powerup Dart – attach the Dart module to your paper plane, pair it with your phone and watch the plane fly.

This is actually a paper plane that would normally fly and then land, attaching the dart module will give more life – adds engine and controller, you need to pair this with the smartphone and then control the plane, this paper plane.

The Dart controlled is using Bluetooth and you all know the Bluetooth range is around 10 meters.  This is not just a ordinarily paper airplane but the Dart module does a lot more, it makes it an aerobatic paper airplane.

You can do aerobatics tricks in the air with flicks of your wrist like – wingover, barrel roll, spin, loop, lazy 8, scissors, hammerhead and  immelmann. The airplane / Dart module are indestructible  – build for crashes.

POWERUP DART - App Controlled Paper Airplane. With Tricks.

This Powerup Dart app controlled paper airplane can  achieve speeds of up to 40km/h. You can charge the built in battery to full in just 25 minutes. There is a rudder that you can control via your smartphone for steering the plane (left / right).

POWERUP DART Paper Airplane options

Powerup Dart is made of durable material – Nylon reinforced with glass fiber, carbon fiber rods and polypropylene plastics with rubber bumper.

This is a kickstarter project that is already so popular, with over $841,296 collected so far with 16 days to go (pledged of $25,000). Pledge starts from $29.


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