OnePlus will enter the Indian markets soon, however all those who had ordered the Global version of OnePlus One (OPO) from the website will get after sales support in India. So in case if you don’t want to wait, and keen on buying the handset from the companies official website but worried about after sales, well now you can; as after sales support will be valid in India.

However it is important to note that you should order / should have ordered / the OPO handset from the company website i.e. You see the handset is also available from other sources and in fact if you get the Chinese version that in most cases comes loaded with a different OS, it is not running the default cyanogenmod, now for such handsets most likely you will not get the after sales support if needed, in India.

OPO is still not officially available in India, but you can buy it from their official stores using PPOBox services. They do not directly ship into India and hence you will need to use the PPOBox services – you can get more information here.

You need an invitation to buy the product. OPO had recently conducted pre-order sales without need of an invitation, users need to pre-order it and then confirm it on 27th October. They conducted the same again and the confirmation date was today 17th, this sale is over.

OnePlus one globale version warranty in India

When OPO goes official in India they might launch India specific invitations that will work only in India. The company is gearing up and getting the after sales services in place. But if you have the Global version of OnePlus one bought from the company website in case you have any issues you can get it serviced in India.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -