OnePlus company are keen to enter the Indian markets, most likely they will be in the market by end of 2014 (December). For India specific markets, OnePlus has revealed that they will be coming up with invite system for consumers in India.

They call it the Indian Specific invites that will work in India. As you all know OnePlus one had launched the pre-orders system wherein one would not require any invite they can confirm the order today. The Pre-order window will be active only for an hour, however for now you cannot get the handset shipped into India, you can however use the PPObox services.

There are many in India who are interested in buying this killer flag ship model. The key issue was that the India was not in the shipping list and Indian users would opt for PPObox to get the handset delivered in India.

But now OnePlus is looking forward to working with local partners in India so users can get a hands on and Indian users can buy the product via invitation that will be specially active in India. The company has posted this info in a forum on their official website. They also mentioned that there will be plenty of stock.

OnePlus Indian specific invite system

Well this is definitely good news for those looking to own the OnePlus one handset. But let’s wait and see the price that Indian users would have to pay. Probably you could save approx Rs. 3500 extra that you would have spent via PPObox.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -