OnePlus company that launched the flagship model ‘One’ have come out with a new ordering system. It will begin from 27th October at 15:00 GMT, users can pre-book the One now and confirm the order on 27th. The pre-ordering system (final confirmation) will be active for one hour only.

As you all know to buy the OnePlus one handset one needs an invitation. If you were planning to buy the OnePlus one and were not lucky enough to get an invitation, here is your chance, well within a very short time frame.

On 27th October at 15:00 GMT you can finalize your order, you can however prepare your order now (pre-order), save it to your cart, mark the date when you want it and that’s it. Payments will be via Paypal and it will be processed before the order is shipped, in case the payments are unsuccessful the order will be cancelled.

You need two things – oneplus and a paypal accounts. So bookmark the Oneplus one Pre-order page if you are interested, prepare your pre-order and make sure to confirm the order between 15:00 GMT and 16:00 GMT on 27th October. There are unlimited stocks and you cannot order more than 2 items.

Pre-Order OnePlus

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -