Buy OnePlus One on 20th Jan without invitation (Global version only)

OnePlus will be opening the OnePlus One sales window for two hours tomorrow starting from 7 PM EST – North America. Users do not need any registration. It is a Global version and not applicable for Indian users.

If you are planning to buy the OPO Global version do note that they do not ship the same in India, however you can get the OPO via PPOBox. The OPO handset is also available on, and it will make sense to buy it from India. Unfortunately the Cyanogen mod OS will not get updates, but OPO will get a customized OS in India.

If you are buying the OPO Global version it will cost you around Rs. 27,000 (shipping / customs included). On the same OPO is available in India for Rs. 21,999. It is much cheaper, but you need an invitation. There are many good handset available with affordable price tag. But getting any of those is not that easy. It is better to choose about 4 models and buy anything that is available.

oneplus one sales tomorrow

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