OnePlus rolled out an update for the OnePlus 5 handset. Apart from bug fixes and improvements this update also enables EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) in 4K video recording mode. And it does a pretty good job, do check the video for sample shots.

The latest update i.e. OxygenOS 4.5.8 has been rolled out, I got the update notification today and have already updated. As mentioned this update adds EIS for 4K recording. The update size was around 310MB.

If you are using OnePlus 5 handset then go ahead and update the OS. When using camera mode there is no such option to enable or disable EIS but by default the same is enabled when recording videos.

I took a sample shot before the update and the same after the update. The difference is clearly noticeable. The shots are much more smoother after the update. It looks as if I am using a stabilizer. Now if you use OP5 with this EIS feature and also use an external stabilizer, it would do wonders.

OnePlus 5 now with EIS in 4K recording mode

Do check the video and see for yourself how the video shots are before and after the update – without EIS and with EIS (in 4K recording mode).

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  1. Gogi sir, i heard in news somewhere that they are going to put an advanced algorithm (which is there only in pixel phones) which will drastically increase OP5 battery life in the update. Do you see any further improvement in battery life after the update?