Looking for a Smart Weight scale, here is the latest one from Xiaomi – the Mi Smart Weight Scale also called the Mi Xiaomi Smart Weight Scale 2. This one is different from the one that I had reviewed earlier. Xiaomi may launch this in India for under Rs. 3000.

The box packing is unique and on the box the specifications as well as the price is clearly mentioned. The price is in Indian rupees – Rs. 2,999 this also means that the Mi Smart Weight Scale will be launched in India pretty soon.

Now since I have reviewed / used the older Mi weight scale, here is the comparison. This new weight scale is more compact, slim and smarter than the older one. There are a lot of difference, on the new Mi Smart weight scale you will need 4 x AAA batteries, whereas on the older Weight scale it could house 4 x AA batteries.

Xiaomi Smart weight Scale review

You will need to use the Mi Fit app and then go to add devices and add the Smart Weight Scale. The process is simple, just follow the setps. The unique thing about this Weight machines is it comes with built in Bluetooth and connects with the app. It can track 16 users and keep a record of their weight history.

Xiaomi Smart weight Scale quality

There is no off / on button, the Mi Scale is always on but goes in standby / power saving mode when not in use. Just step over and it will measure your weight, hold on for few seconds until the lines below the LED display becomes constant. That is when it completes measuring your BMI – you can check the BMI and other (10 body data – Figure, weight, muscle mass, basic metabolism, bone mass, BMI, water, visceral fat, body score, fat rate) health related data from the Mi Fit app.

Xiaomi Smart weight Scale price

This new Mi Smart Weight scale is running Bluetooth 4.0, works with Android / iOS platforms and body is made of ABS material. It can measure minimum 5Kg and max 150Kg weight.

Xiaomi Smart weight Scale performance

An excellent buy if you are planning to get a weight scale, this one is more advanced and it keeps record of you weight history. Also there is no need to use / connect the app before using the weight machine. You can always sync the data later on. This Weight Scale is pretty accurate.

Rating 4.9 out of 5

Where to buy?

This Xiaomi Smart Weight Scale will be launched / made available in India petty soon, but in case you cannot wait you can buy from Gearbest website.

Link : https://goo.gl/eySm2d
Price : USD 44.99 + 20.58 shipping (Priority line) = approx Rs. 4,800

This weight scale when launched in India will be under Rs. 3000 so makes sense to wait.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in