Soon after the government announced scrapping of Rs. 500 / Rs. 1000 notes, Indians have suddenly got quite active on social media and there is one particular news that is been forwarded / gone viral – Rs. 2000 currency note  with GPS, NGC tracking chip etc.

Well all these are rumors, in fact if you want to check any authentic info regarding the Indian currency the best source would be RBI – check their website. On the RBI site there is no such info regarding a high tech Rs. 2000 currency note. If the notes were really high tech PM Modi would have mentioned that in his speech.

Arun Jaitely also dismissed the rumor – there is no special chipset on the Rs. 2000 note, it is just an ordinary note that is using some newest security features that makes is difficult to replicate / create fakes.

The new Rs. 500 Indian currency

The new Rs. 2000 Indian currency

On a funnier note there is a post going viral on social media about the Rs. 2000 note packed with built in FM radio, audio jack, 3D razor for smooth shave, 16MP camera that can also be used as mini projector and you can plug the Rs. 2000 note into computer using USB drive (200GB space) – hmmm wished there was USB Type C instead of USB 2.0.

Rs. 2000 high tech Indian currency

This tracking chip on Rs. 2000 must definitely have made  most Indians happy and those few lot / enemy of India worried to some extent, well now since this a hoax – phew relief for all.

Note: When depositing 500 Rs. / 1000 Rs. notes in banks, along with xerox ID proof, do mention the amount you have deposited on the ID proof xerox and sign it, so that your ID proof cannot / shall not be misused.

The Govt will also roll out new Rs. 1000 notes in the market very soon. If you have up to Rs. 2 lakh cash there is no issues but if more then there could be some scrutiny.

Banks will remain open on 12th (Saturday) and 13th (Sunday) November. Toll across all National Highways have been suspended till midnight of 11th November.