Youtube has launched a separate YouTube section for Kids called YouTube Kids. This kids centric app is available on Google play store and Apple store. This app will give kids in India access to fun, learning and discovery video contents.

YouTube Global head Malik Ducard said that the YouTube Kids app will help Millions of Indian families, it will provide their kids access to rich video content – information, education and play. Moreover there are already huge content creator base for kids in India and growing 100% over year.

The interface has been customized for kids, there are large icons, kids friendly and playful design makes it easier for kids to find information and navigate through videos. There is built in voice search too. The app comes with built in parental control that can be customized by parents as per the need. Parents can restrict search and / or even broaden search.

youtube kids app launched in India

Plus there is option to limit kids usage time – just set the time limit after which access will be denied.

So go ahead install the YouTube Kids app and help your kids get more curious.

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Tip: Vishal

By Sunil V