You might have seen many advertisements about cash back offer on mobile phones from big stores, but is it really worth it? If you come across any such offers the first thing you should look for is the terms and conditions, after reading it, most probably you will drop the idea of buying a mobile phone.

Today I came across an offer from The Mobile Store wherein you get 5% cash back on any mobile you purchase worth more than Rs. 1,000. However as I said before you need to look at the terms and conditions and I found that the cash back value is redeemable only on the next purchase you make from the same store.  So logically you will end up buying 2 handsets and spending a bit more.

If you are already planning to buy two mobile handsets you can benefit from this scheme.  But do cross check the price with a local mobile dealers / shop.

Most of the big stores sell the mobile phone at a slightly lower cost but you can get a better deal if you buy from a local mobile shop. Your local shop may be small but they sell the same items that the big stores do, at a lower rate and the best part is that you can still bargain to get the price even lower.

As far as warranty is concerned it is provided by the manufacturer and the seller or the dealers are in no way involved. If you have bought a new Samsung mobile phone and there is some problem with it, you will need to take it to the nearest Samsung service centre rather than to the store from where you bought it. You however do need a valid invoice / bill.

The next time you see such cash back offers do not fall for it look closely check if you can get a best deal and only if you do, go for it.

The mobile store is offering

Samsung Galaxy S II for Rs. 30,499
Nokia E6-00 for Rs. 17,659
BlackBerry 9300 for Rs. 14,400
LG P350 for Rs. 8,199
Sony Ericsson W150i for Rs. 4,959

3,6 and 9 month EMI options are available. Check the website or call 1800 209 6363.


By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -