Some Xiaomi Mi3 users have already received the MIUI 6 update, yes Xiaomi has rolled out the MIUI version 6 on Mi3 devices in India. The OS will also be rolled out on Redmi devices by March 2015.

If you own the Mi3 and have not yet received the updates, hold on and wait for the notification, it could take few days or weeks. The software updates are usually rolled out in a phased manner that’s the standard procedure.

Whenever there is a new software update available it is rolled out on few devices and if the feedback is good it is gradually rolled out. In case there is any issues the update is stopped and it does not affect everyone.

Mi3 with MIUI 6 will completely change the user experience. The interface and animations are new, fluid and gives a completely new look to the handset. There are also some new features added on the MIUI6.

Xiaomi Mi3 MIUI 6 rolled out

Good news is that the other Xiaomi devices will also get the update by March 2015. If you have installed the MIUI 6 on Mi3 let us know. If you have not yet got the OTA update notification and if you don’t wanna wait, you can download the ROM from their official forum.

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  1. I am unable to delete the call history in batches (one click) after upgrading to MIUI 6.4.3. Can anybody help???

  2. while i was trying to root my mi3, I found that when internet connection was on the updater app failed to open. So, i tried to uroot it. And then things went bad. My phone did not show sim card anymore. I performed factory reset on it. Now, i thought of re-installing the MIUI.

  3. I have received this update and I am not going to install it. Any suggestions are welcome. What do you say Gogi bhai. Ha ya na?!!

  4. Mr. Gogi, I have downloaded your app on my MI3. I have seen your review on MIUI 6. On 15th, I have updated my mobile to MIUI 6. I have lot of issues with this version. Pl let me know how to roll back to the previous version.

  5. Updated my xiaomi note 4g to miui 6. Slightly improved battery life. Torch removed from tools. Home button do not take you to “google Now “. Other changes also still checking out

  6. Hi Gogi,
    Heard that MiUi6 is having lot of issues!!
    Today, even the service centre people were telling me not to update to MiUi6!!!!!?
    Please investigate and spread the same.
    Thanks a lot bro.

  7. Gogi sir plz tell how to roll back to previous version of MIUI, v6 is not good,V5 was too good.
    MIUI 6 is completely nonsense.
    Plz tell how to restore to previous version.

    1. YK go with this link and download version 5
      but u know how to install this because this is not easy like update and use ……

    1. Useless miui v6, just found it in edit mode option to delete all call logs. In miui v5, it was ‘Delete Batch’ option. Mi developer are nuts.

  8. hello Gogi, A small clarification

    in the link provided for official rom download which one should I select as the indian tab is not having miui6 version.


  9. Hello gogi sir,

    My handset taken auto update and converted from MiUi v5 to MiUi v6.Its an Indian version. Now whenever I switching it on or plaguing it for charing in switch off mode, there’s always a blue screen appearing on the screen for a nano sec. Its happening after its conversion into MiUi v6.PLz suggeste me…. I report it in bugs but no reply form xiaomi.. PLZ help me out…

    1. there is no need of worries… its miui and there is always a solution to every problem!
      i m giving all of u a way out
      firstly u need to download v5 rom of the previous roms… i mean any rom such as may be build 15,18,23,34 etc
      SECONDLY paste the same into the root of ur sd card and rename it as UPDATE. zip
      THIRDLY go to recovery mode
      FOURTHLY clean cache and wipe user data in the recovery mode or else bugs might remain
      NEXT step is that u will simply need to flash the update. zip
      cool now u r back to v5
      its simple!
      BELIEVE me guys MI3+ MIUI awesome combination
      bugs are present in almost every custom rom be it the touch wiz, htc sense etc… learn to live with it… i believe v6 would be awesome… perhaps in future… πŸ™‚

  10. My friend got the update but I did not received. I bought the phone two weeks earlier than him. What’s the problem I don’t get it. We live nearby than why it is different for every phone. I could install using his rom pack but recent comments says it will cause some problems I think. So I don’t know how long to wait though.

  11. Gogi Bro did you notices any problem with touch? Coz after updating touch acts strange and many time functions itself. Any suggestions?

  12. I hv installed dis new update (500 MB+), but highly disappointed…
    lot of bad things only few good things
    some highlights:
    on top- Started consuming more battery
    time, battery symbol and all notifications get too small (hardly readable from distance)
    lock screen options are lost
    and many more
    Kindly anybody tell me how to roll back this new update…..

      1. Thanks for the reply Nikhilesh.
        But, I Didn’t find the rom of this size in the download forums.!!!!??

        1. I have not checked but this update is probably not available for download.
          I checked for update and it was available on my phone, you should check it may come in their or just wait for a couple of days.

    1. Differs between devices. Mi 2A/2S got Lollypop. Redmi 1s might get kitkat /lollypop. Note 3G is Kitkat. But above all, there isn’t much of a difference as they are all unified by MIUI. And Xiaomi is working on R&D centre in India for Miui,so we can expect cooler features and quicker updates for India. Enjoy(Source :Miui forum)

  13. Hi Gogiji , I have updated to MIUI 6 in my mi3. But I am facing one issue, whenever i press back key from any application, it shows a message “Loading Launcher “. Please let me know how to get rid of this.

    1. Found solution. Settings >Additional Settings >Developer options > deselect ‘dont keep activities’

    1. Not this ROM but check their forum or XDA forum to check if there is MIUI 6 available for other handsets.

  14. The UI is preety smooth and now it comes close to the ios. The main thing that I’ve noticed i.e the battery backup is marginally improved. Sound recording is also improve that i missed in miui5. Keep rocking xiaomi. Are bhai m to mera mi3 bechne hi wala tha…but miui6 k aane k baad more than a show off… Or gogi sir is ri8 …update mere mi3 pe aayi but mere friend wale pe nhi aayi…but maine update package share kar liya apne friend k sath but uske phone me lagging ki prob. Aa rhi h ..aisa kyu sir

  15. I am already using it from last 1 month… Chinese rom but works butterly smooth… Only issue is there is no lockscreen music player..

  16. When other companies are rolling out lollipop,xiaomi users are happy to get the kitkat update…;)

    1. I would have said the same two months back. But after being with Miui for months, I could proudly say it’s worth it. Miui v5 Jelly Bean has so many features that are only in Kitkat for most phones. It could be the same with V6

    2. Xiaomi users will have to wait for a even more longer period of time to get there, i totally now enjoy my decision for having bought a nexus 5 & a yu yureka as well! πŸ™‚

      1. Ha ha ha Karan kitkat features were already available with miui 5
        *dontneedSympathyFromnonXiaomiFanBase* πŸ™‚

    3. Lol, we already had kitkat update on MI3 and Note 4G. MIUI6 is just a different interface, new looks, new ui.

  17. Gogi, you should update the forum link given by u for its the Malaysian version some users might get problem so u must change the link to Indian or the global version…

  18. Already using dev version for last 3 months received a dev weekly update oly today 5.1.30 awaiting official.

  19. Received update on 28th 11PM, May be I am one of the first who received it.
    No bugs at all , everything works very well.
    MIUI 5 Antutu Score : 40400
    MIUI 6 Antutu Score : 42800

    There is option to change the “long hold for menu” feature.But I like the log hold menu feature….

  20. Hi Gogi,
    Could you please guide which version to download?
    Will it be the TD version or the WCDMA India version itself?
    If its India version, then I have already installed it very long back, which is not MIUI6.

  21. Got it 2 days back is very rich n buttery smooth..Overall performance has been good.

  22. Hi Gogi,
    Could you please guide which version to download?
    Will it be the TD version or the WCDMA India version?

    Thanks in advance bro.

  23. Any data is lost like phone contacts, messages after update? Any issues in network connectivity? pls reply….. i want to update but I’m thinking there might be some issues post upgrade.. plsss

  24. Hi Gogi,
    Could you please guide which version to download?
    Is it the TD version or the WCDMA India version?

    Thanks in advance bro.

  25. I got the update miui 6 on my mi3. Its good but there is a issue at booting time. A blue screen showing in the screen for a nano sec. Rather than Xiaomi booting animation.anyone can help me to resolve the problem..

  26. Mr. Gogi, thanks for the information.
    I have 2 questions
    1) What’s the size of the update?
    2) Will updating my phone erase all the data(photo,video,audio,apps, contacts,etc.)?

    Please answer, it will be of big help and will be much appreciated.

    Thanking you.

    1. The Update is 521 Mb and your phone data will not be erased. But still keep backup incase πŸ™‚
      Mine did not erased anything though

  27. Updated, However few observations the Menu from Touch pad is now changed to long hold for menu, – Not a good idea. Camera UI and output has been enhanced and its wonderful. Notification font is too smaller, though the clear/transparent feel of pull down is nice. Default theme and icons optimized and is better n richer. How to add a current playing song to a playlist, earlier was easier, menu> add to playlist.