A post on the Xiaomi’s official MiUi forum has listed information about the MiUi 6. The MiUi 6 based on android KitKat and Lollipop (not confirmed) for Redmi phones timeline reveals the date when the specified Redmi models will get the update.

Unfortunately at the end of the post it is mentioned that the ROM’s refer to China ROM and not Global ROM. This means there is still no word as to when the Indian version will get the update. As per the post MiUi 6 based on Android 4.4 have already been rolled for Redmi 1S 4G version.

Redmi Note 3G will get MiUi (android 4.4) starting from 13th January 2015, Redmi 1S 3G from Feb 2015, Redmi 1 from Mid Feb 2015 and the Redmi 1S 3G will start getting MiUi 6 based on Lollipop (not confirmed) from end of March 2015.

redmi miui update timeline

Other Mi Phones like the Mi 2A, 2S, Mi2 will start getting updates (Android L) in January 2015 . For more info check their official forum.

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  1. Hope miui v6 will be less resource hungry then v5 otherwise it will affect the performance of 1gb Ram models like redmi 1s. Miui is eating most of the ram causing app crashes.

  2. Mr rana pleased intimidate me about the probable arrival date of asus pegasus x002 in india if u got any information on that…

    Dipanshu Sharma

  3. You have mentioned redmi 1s 3g twice in update timeline , the one who will getting update in Feb is 1s 4G version

    But this is cheating they have promised kitkat in redmi 1s in near future now they are saying march and that only for china

  4. I think you need to write a post about Verico Uni Shape 5V3. It’s Taiwan-based company who has launched its first smartphone in India.

  5. I expect a Miui 6 with android 5 for Redmi 1s. If after updating to miui 6 with android 5, heating, Low Ram, apps closing issue would be found,then it is better to leave Redmi 1s.

  6. Please confirmed the date for MI3 update MIUI 6. when it will be?
    Please we are waiting for mi3 software update.

  7. Hi bro,

    This is really a very good news. I hope they include the latest Android L(5.0.3) for their releases as the earlier once has some memory leak issues.
    How about the MiUi6 for ‘Mi3’ Gogi. Is there any update on this?!!!

      1. I got that Gogi. To my knowledge, they will also be releasing global versions for the same.
        So, is this also in the pipeline for Mi3 as well?

      2. The Redmi 1S that was mentioned as WCDMA is actually the Global/Indian version. China’s Redmi 1S is TD-CDMA. So, Lollipop update would be for the Indian version.

    1. They will announce Mi3 MIUI 6 release date this month. We will get Mi3 MIUI 6 with in a few weeks .. May be this month. MIUI 6 beta test for Indian Mi3 is in progress.

  8. Who cares for update from mi which may or may not come. Guys download miui 6 unofficial rom by syhost and enjoy it.

  9. Thats a good news from xiaomi gogi sir so the heating issue and ram managment will be batter sir.

  10. That is why all xiaomi users are upset. Note 3g and redmi 1s have powerful hardware but outdated os, and all we get to know is update news about china roms.

    1. Mi3 will get MIUI 6 update in this month, or next month. Beta test in India is in progress.

    1. Bro It already had MIUI 6 based on kitkat…….. from so many days……


      Did YOU used that set……

      Now everyone is just asking for lollipop on MI3…..

      1. Dear Shubham, i have been using Mi3 from very first lot from flipkart…………
        since it has been long time for beta testing on MiUi 6.0 for India or global version, but have you checked in en.miui.com, they already release 6.0 for china version last month..why not india? Lollipop is still a longer way….