Will the Micromax quad core be the next Micromax Canvas 3?

The net is buzzing with news about the Canvas 3 that will be launched soon for under Rs. 15K.  There is no official confirmation yet, and all that you read are speculations. As you all known the quad core chipset is already launched and handsets powered by quad core processors are not far away.

At some point of time every mobile company will launch their quad core version. The most exciting thing now is, who will be the first to launch a low cost quad core handset. Will it be Micromax, ZOPO or any other company?

ZOPO has already unveiled their plans of a quad core model (5.7 inch quad core), you can view it on their official website. As for Micromax nothing is confirmed yet. However every other site is coming up with their own version / specifications and some already named it the Canvas 3.

I believe Micromax will name it something else. No doubt the canvas model is a hit but the quad core is a different technology and probably they will try to market it with a different name. Also remember the Canvas series are 5 inch phones so if MMX is planning for a quad core with a smaller screen, it is logical they will not call it the Canvas.

RAM and screen size will play an important role to keep the price at the lowest. A price tag of less than 15K is possible with 1GB RAM. Anything above 1GB RAM will be over 15K. So let’s wait and watch for the quad core handset. As for the specification we can easily speculate the screen size, quad core , RAM, internal storage, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS etc. and of course the battery.  Rather, I would wait for an official confirmation.


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