There are many users in India who have started using the GPS navigation either from their GPS enabled handset or using a GPS device. Almost all high end handsets come with a GPS receiver and more and more people have started using it.

Real time traffic updates were initially available in America and some other countries and now it is available in India, well only for Mumbai and Delhi, for now. So if you are living in any of these cities and own a Nokia GPS enabled handset you can now get real time traffic updates right on your phone.

Imagine how it this will help, too much traffic on your default route, change the route or get directions with least traffic. Nokia has enabled these services for Lumia Windows Smartphone and Symbian users.

Nokia will soon add these services in other cities and so far claims to have covered about 1,500 km in Delhi and Mumbai. The services are still being tested which relies on data monitored from other Nokia users who have enabled location services on their handset.

With Nokia launching its real time traffic updates, I am sure other companies will also launch their own version. Probably Google will not want to miss this opportunity, there are already too many android users and this service will be a boon, though I am not sure about the accuracy, but still it will be a boon.

You can view live traffic now just visit – use get directions (from – to) and enable the traffic speed option as shown in the image below. The red colour indicates slow traffic movement.

Nokia Maps Live Traffic updates
Nokia Maps Live Traffic updates

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -