Micromax A116 quad core handset will soon hit the Indian markets along with the Samsung Galaxy Grand. The difference is brand versus features and of course the price. No points for guessing, well we all know that A116 is the cheapest.

Here is a comparison between the A116 and Grand this will help you understand better the features and the differences.

Both the handsets sport a  5 inch screen but Galaxy Grand is with 800×480 pixels TFT screen and MMX A116 Canvas HD is with 1280×720 IPS screen. Clearly A116 is the winner.

Operating system and Memory
No difference between the two both handsets as both come with 1GB RAM and loaded with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 OS.

Internal Storage + External storage
Galaxy Grand wins here with 8GB internal storage as MMX A116 comes with 4GB storage. But for many the storage space is not that important. The Grand supports micro SD card up to 64GB whereas A116 supports max 32GB cards. Grand clearly wins.

Both handsets come powered by a 1.2GHz processor however its dual core on Grand and its quad core on Canvas HD. Canvas HD wins.

Not much difference in thickness and dimensions. The grand is 143.7x77x9.6 mm whereas A116 is 144x74x10.7mm.

Micromax A116 versus Samsung Galaxy Grand

Both handsets come with 8 MP rear camera however A116 comes with a front VGA camera and Grand with a 2MP front camera. Grand no doubt has better cameras, but difference is not too much.

A 2000 mAh battery powers the Grand as well as the A116.

The Samsung Galaxy Grand is priced at Rs. 21,500 and Canvas HD at Rs. 15,000.

Overall the Canvas HD seems a better option, 5K cheaper with more processing power and nearly the same specs as seen on the Grand and with excellent display resolution.

So which one would you want to go with?

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. Wrong comparison!!! micromax a116 HD not just supports 32gb, 64gb is working as well! tried and tested!

    also, the front camera of a116 is not VGA, its 2MP as well! no doubt A116 wins, you just pay for the brand when you buy samsung

  2. is there any expert who can
    tell me whether should i go
    for galaxy grand or A116 canvas HD ?

    1. go for GRAND QUATTRO- has quad core and price dropped to 16200 , screen is superb, only if yu play many games then its not for you. see grand quattro reviews on gogi. compare its value for money. MMX is a dead brand after it crossed 15000 barriers.

      1. Go for mmx c3 its much better than grand and even much cheaper.Has good hd display and more powerfull than grand for games

    2. Dont go for both Samsung/MMx go buy some other.
      You can go for Samsung as they have good after sales service according to me.
      But,I dont think samsung gives THE Best for what you pay for 🙁

  3. I bought this mobile long back, it was having manufacturing defect and send it to service center, now they are not giving back my mobile and also not giving me status about it. Its almost 20 days. Now the service center has stop attending my call.

    I am spreading this news to all people via my blog


  4. hi due auto update of os my phone has downloaded the update I want to get rid of the reminder to update the software . I want to know if the update is good? if not then how do I get rid of tat or how can I delete the download file.

  5. Hello all……first think….yes “think” what you need….. don’t only go for what they are selling……. you will always confuse when u try to compare…… so first stop compare….. plan for your need and chose from the market available….. (you all will agree with the word “Opinions vary from person to person”)

  6. dear sir i am planning to purchase a smartphone in under 15000 to 18000 plzz sir give me a good advice when micromax canvas 4 will be available in indian market,,,,plzzzz when it will be release ??? and what will be price of this canvas 4 ??? will this (micromax canvas 4 )smartphone best for me in these brriliant features plzz and what is the real feature of this smartphone >??? plzzz dear sir help me yearly plzzz sir /??? howmuch time in releasing micromax canvas 4 ??? plzzz dear sir plzzz help me ??? muje jaldeee bataiye ye kab tak release hoga plzzz ..thanks in advance dear sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

  7. Sir, micromax hd will be coming in my retail market, day after tomorrow I was waiting for it on last note i just want to know that should i go for it or not are u facing any kind of problem with the device and also i want to know does it play hd games easily or not as some sites says that it has only 1.77 gb of memory for user plz reply as early as possible, or should i wait for another canvas………

      1. Dear Gogi Ji please clarify if A116 supports Dual Sim Dual active mode. I.e. both the sims can be utilized simultaneously. Further which other mobiles have this option.
        Pl reply

      2. Thanx a lot sir, but it gets delayed, here in the market again till 18th of march, hope i’ll get it soon. But thanx a lot for ur reply……

  8. Hi Gogi,
    Firstly i thank for your reviews and support.

    I am looking for android under 15 K,, IS Galaxy advance would be a smarter choice with amoled screen and brand factor compared to A116? Considering am an average user..
    Thank you in advance.

  9. One drawback of the Micromax is that it does not have a magnetic sensor, at least the A110 does not. It’s not really a drawback but because of this, many cool apps like Google Sky do not work on the Micromax. If just that was added, I’d say it’s more than a complete phone.

  10. gogi bro help me out.many are sayin canvas 2 freezes aftr 2 mnths of usage. wethr hd s facin such thngs?

      1. Thanks bro some men commented on gsm arena as i mentioned.im worried and confused wether hd also faces it…anyway if u come across any issues over hd plz inform me broyher!

    1. I think A116 is much better and cheaper, buy not easily available you will need to wait until march 15th. If you can wait well and good or you can go with grand which is also good but pricy.

  11. Samsung already pushed an new device update to Galaxy Grand.
    i am running 4.1.2 but there is a notification regards to an update.

    not on Wi-Fi currently , will check and update later on the update that has come.

    this is pretty quick considering the device release , and company support was deciding factor for me to pay extra 7k to buy Galaxy grand instead of canvas 2.

  12. Every company is from china except micromax did u get it friends…. and canvas a116 is best phone among note 2,s3,iphone5,lumia920…….

  13. Hi Gogi, Any idea or updates about the other upcoming models to be launched by Micromax in their Canvas series in the following months?

  14. hi gogi sir,
    i want to know which phone has better 2g gprs speed among nokia lumia 510, canvas a116 and sony experia j ? does branded phone has better gprs speed than indian brand phones ? what does a mobile internet speed depend upon ?

  15. i have canvas hd and i am not satisfied with this phone,its regularly hangs as well as whenever u plugged this phone in charging it restarts,otherwise its camera quality is good and there touch is superb but major flaw is “its hangs”.

  16. hi,
    ‘ve been waiting for this phone… i tried to get it from the local retailers but, nobody has got it yet can u plz tell me wre i can purchas it from?

  17. and here are the benchmark test results for the two phones

  18. It seems there is no conclusion for this debate, huh ?
    Now that its been a week since the launch of Micromax A116 would any one help me to buy a phone ?
    I’m concerned about the QUALITY. I don’t know how to say it, but guys Mmx is an Indian Company and is also quite new in this arena, would there be some difference in the quality of the camera, touch-screen, battery, etc. ??
    I mean there must be something that must be missing in the phone for which it is that cheap ! Samsung has kept the price at 21k, is it worth it ?

    I have to buy a phone in very near future, and I’ll be really glad to hear from you guys, anyone !

    1. this is the mindset that we have to change.. dude.. i have the phone in my hands right now and im playing dead trigger now at almost 60 f/s lag free .. my cousin has grand and he is very dissatisfied with it as it lags most of the games and many games like subway surfer and all are not working on grand.. so i will answer why MMX is cheap.. DID YOU KNOW THAT SAMSUNG SELLS THE QUAD CORE VERSION OF GALAXY GRAND IN KOREA WHICH IS THEIR HOME COUNTRY FOR 16,000 INR rs … But when it came o india ,… samsung usd a dual core processor and selling it for 21,000 INR mainly because of taxes and custom duties for samsung as it is an MNC from another country… whereas micromax is our very own multi national company (MNC) sellng in 11 different countries … and they make their phones in Gurgoan in a 5 acre factory owned by micromax .. so it is not china made.. but india made … like all phones micromax uses a chipset made by a new Taiwanese semiconductor company called mediatek.. and has a long term contract with them like how apple and samsung has with other semiconductor companies… but mediatek sell it to micromax for cheaper price as they are their top buyer.. So overall it is cheaper for micromax so sell their phones in india… whereas selling their phones in other countries at a little more higher price just like samsung does and we indians are fools promoting companies from other countries… let us support our own country

      1. I dont know of all the models. But atleast some of the models are made in China and rebranded as MMX. Not a bad thing. But I am pretty sure that MMX in not making any phones in India. I use 3 MMX phones at the moment. And they all work as they should.

      2. @Anand jain – If you want to support own country then purchase 5 MMX for your family and friends 🙂

    1. Adreno 320 is much better than a single core SGX544, but the difference is not much when multicore variant of SGX544 is used, such as a SGX544mp4.

  19. Hi gogi,
    I am using mmx a110 which i bought earlier in january but when i heard about the
    launch of canvas hd i got little upset. canvas 2 is an awesome phone so canvas hd is another mile stone in this series. guyzzz just go for it..

  20. Gogi sir,
    congrates for getting Canvas HD, Now I would like request you that both Canvas HD and Galaxy Grand launched, please compare both in all respect which one is better and to which one we can go ?
    from all the fans.
    Thanks in advance…..

  21. I too liked the canvas hd micromax and going to buy it. Could you also tell me how good is the processor used by micromax in terms of life.

    1. The GPU in Canvas HD will be of PowerVR SGX 5XT series and preferably SGX544 at this price. It has 8 * 200MHz configuration. HD games like Shadowgun and Dead Trigger will run butter smooth.

    1. Before going to canvas HD..just u have to check its battery backup, as it is a quad core phone with only 2000 mah battery..:(

  22. Bought Grand yesterday for my wife…i totally underestimated this phone before buying.. the phone is simply awesome… display even though on papers is says low resolution, in reality it rocks…just that the brightness is little less…camera is the best i have seen ever in a mobile..music is awesome too…lot of s3 and note 2 features. only problem as of now is gaming… most of the big games play smooth…its just that the graphics seems to be out of place for some games like highway surfers…

    overall its a great value for money considering its also branded…
    Am waiting for a116 hd now….

  23. Quick Update. Got my Galaxy Grand yesterday even after reading about its gaming issue. Even i couldn’t play Agent Dash, Subway surfer graphics seems to be out of place.

    Now Having said that i was able to play dead trigger without any issues. NFS most wanted is playing like a jem. Couldn’t test Asphalt 7 but it should run as well. Tested other games such as angry birds, temple run 2, raging thunder 2, racing madness etc. No lags at all while running the games. NONE!

    Display could have been better but aint that bad. Smart features are awesome. Battery lasted for a day with ease. WIFI not as strong as other flagship models such as S3 but its good none tha less. Camera quality is seriously good for its price. In fact i think its even better than S3 at colour reproduction. Able to record HD videos. It can easily play 1080P videos. No issues with call quality. Music experience is fantastic.

    I would rate it a solid 8/10. Grand is trully Grand! Cheers 🙂