Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 with BIG screen coming soon

Micromax will soon launch the Micromax Canvas Doodle 2, they have already started populating their Facebook page with Doodle 2 announcements. However the specification and the features are not yet disclosed. 

The Canvas Doodle 2 seems like an upgraded version of the Micromax Canvas Doodle also called the Micromax A111. The MMX A111 came with qualcomm processor with Adreno 203 GPU, for the price it was really not worth. A capacitive pen was also included that looked good but when it comes to functionality you will move back using your finger.

Let’s hope the Canvas Doodle 2 comes up with something better in terms of hardware. MMX Facebook page are talking about a big screen probably anywhere from 5.5 to 6 inches (A111 itself is 5.3 inches). They are some images also talking about freedom to draw, doodle and sketch. The capacitive pen is no good when it comes to sketch and draw. Are they coming up with the same capacitive pen on a bigger screen? I doubt if it will be something better.

micromax canvas doodle 2

The Doodle 2 will come with bigger screen; probably better processing power as compared with the Canvas Doodle.  And hope the price is affordable. No official confirmation from Micromax, in fact nothing at all, and as usual MMXNewscaster have leaked the Doodle 2 images. Stay tuned for more.


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