XOLO rolls out Q700, Q600 software update

XOLO mobiles have rolled out software update for its XOLO Q700 handset. The download link and update instructions are mentioned on the software update page. XOLO had recently rolled out updates for XOLO A800, XOLO X900 handsets. 

Note: Update for Q600 and JB upgraded for X1000 also available.

If you are using the XOLO Q700 handset you can get the device updated. I don’t have the handset and hence cannot confirm what’s new in this update. Probably some bug fixes and battery improvement. If anyone of you have tried out the update do leave your feedback using the comment section below.

To update your XOLO Q700 just head over to XOLO software update page and download the update. The update zip file is approx 350 MB. Once you have downloaded the file copy the zip file as is on the SD card. And follow the procedure as mentioned here.

xolo q700 software update

Q600 Update
Camera and battery improvement.

Q700 Update
Overall user experience, improved camera, touch and better battery performance. In addition XOLO apps like XOLO Switch and XOLO Secure also improved.

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  1. Umesh says

    Hi, First of all, Thank you very much for keeping us updated about the mobile phones and I find your reviews very helpful.

    I have been using Xolo Q700 from past 8 months. Recently I purchased Vodafone 3G card. However, I am not able to find the “enable 3G” option under Settings > Mobile Networks option in X700. Unless I enable the “enable 3G” option, I may not get the 3G speed. Is there any fix for this other than the software update? I also read it at the XDA Developer’s forum and it seems that “enable 3G” option is not resent in this issue.

    One of my friend told me to set the Network mode “WCDMA” that will catch the 3G connection. If I do this, will I be able to use 3G?

    Any help is appreciated !

    • Gogi Rana says

      Umesh, 3G should work without any settings, switch off the phone and start again, see if that works. Also check if 3G is enabled from some other phone if possible.

  2. shankar says

    I had purchased xolo q700 nov 2013. The gps not working properly, so navigation not possible for driving. For the last one month battery getting down very quickly. Contacted service centre, they told to replace the battery and wait for a week. I think the battery is not up to the standard which get defect(bulged) within 8 month. I am totally disappointed, not to go for the china products.

  3. jitesh says

    hello sir

    I have xolo q700 last 8 month the phone was owsam but last 1 month I suffering battery problem on my phone and I am
    going to servise center to repair but he told me that your battery is bad and replaced new one and I asked for new one but he told me that battery is not available its coming in 15 days but I wait last 20days but no any reply from him so today my phone is dead and no any way to do…so can u please help me out for how can I buy new battery…? please reply me ASAP…

  4. Madhav Acharya says

    I have a problem of Facing less network coverage in my Xolo Q700 mobile. and also i have failed to update my Xolo software what is the solution , Please Help me .

  5. Sushil Rawat says

    Wifi speed very slow on xolo q600 but my wifi speed is 2 mbps. Please give me solution Thanks

  6. ashok says

    i turned my xolo q700 on voice instruction. it speaks on every action. But now my screen has stop working. I am unable to turn it to normal mod. it sucks. i am very frustrated. please helppppp…`

    • kenny says

      Hi I am also had the same problem. Do the factory reset. But u lost all or data and contacts but the problem will be solved

  7. Tj says

    Hi Gogi,
    Can you pls help me out, I recently bought q700 and when launch the camera app sometimes it shows a pixel mash over the screen when it launch at top right side of screen. What is the reason of this? software glitch or defective handset. Pls do reply fast as I bought from flipkart and having few days left for replacement warranty.

    • RJ says

      hey that happens when you use the camera in a low light condition.. try to usethe camera in good lighting condition.. However if you click the image that mash will not be captured..

      its not a defect, Maybe the software update can fix it.. i too got that problem..

    • Sourabh says

      OTA update is available..go to xolo care app update online 6 MB file will download and update it will fix the bugs. try it.

  8. Omkar says

    Tried update once .it got stuck up at 71% . frustated!
    Tried the second time, stuck up again at 75% … I have idea 3g connection and i had ensured during both the downloads that i had full network coverage. Costly data loss!!!!very much irritated ;(

  9. naveen says

    if have aircel users, pls don’t buy any xolo mobiles. because no any modle working with aircel 3g. xolo blames to aircel, 3g not perfectly configgerred in aircel network. aircel blames yo xolo.
    so y u get problems freeli???
    aircel 3g users buy micromax mobs
    xolo users buy other sims…..

  10. vaitla srinivasu says

    Hello I am a Xolo q700 user. The device is fine but a small problem exists. I need your help to sort it out. The mobile has 3G connectivity for the sim1, but until the recent update AIRCEL data services were not functional, after the update the AIRCEL data is working but I am unable to download apps from Google play store as the alert pops up repeatedly ERROR 403! but when I share the same AIRCEL data over WiFi hotspot my friends are able to use it on their devices. The other networks don’t have this iasue . is there a solution. For this problem.