The Micromax A111 also called the Micromax Canvas Doodle sports a 5.3 inch screen running Android 4.1 over a 1.2GHz quad core processor. This handset is priced at Rs. 10,900 – is it worth it? Read the full review to find out.

Micromax A111 box pack
Inside the box there is the handset (it’s a big handset cause of the bigger screen size), standard MMX earphone, data cable, 2100 mAh battery, power adapter, warranty / user guide, screen guard, flip cover and a capacitive pen.  The capacitive pen though looks really good but with it comes to usage it is as good as your finger.

Design, Display and OS
The built quality is very good. The A111 is 9.9mm thick and is a bit bulkier at 168 grams. The micro USB port and the 3.5mm jack is placed on the top side, power button on the right and volume rockers on the left.

The display screen though big is equally disappointing with an 854×480 pixel resolution. The pixels are clearly visible and fonts are not that sharp. If you have used a qHD or higher resolution handset before then you are not going to like this handset. Moreover the viewing angle is not that good.

There are proximity, accelerometer and light sensors. The Micromax A111 runs on the Android 4.1.2 OS.

Micromax A111 Box Pack

Memory and Storage
Dual SIM A111 Canvas Doodle is with 512MB RAM complemented with 4Gigs of internal storage. The Micro SD card slot supports 32GB cards.

Of the 512MB RAM you get around 145MB free and of the 4GB internal storage 1.3GB free. The internal phone storage is around 1.7GB. You can move / install apps on external storage.

Micromax A111 review

Usually we find Micromax handsets using the MediaTek processors, but on the A111 it with the qualcomm MSM8625Q chipset (1.2GHz) coupled with Adreno 203 GPU, the same that we have seen on the Karbonn Titanium S1. Unfortunately this CPU + GPU combination it is not as powerful when compared with the MediaTek chipsets.

Benchmark scores

  • Quadrant Benchmark : 4178.
  • Anututu Benchmark : 9761.
  • Nenamark2 : 35.6fps.
  • Vellamo : HTML5 = 1187, Metal = 389.
  • Multi Touch : 5 point.

8MP Camera
The still picture quality is good. The dual LED flash does help a little bit more in low light conditions. The 720p videos however are not that good. You can check the sample images and videos at the end of this article. Also you cannot record videos in full HD resolution. There is a 2MP front camera.

Micromax A111 8mp AF camera

As with other qualcomm MSM8625Q powered handsets the Micromax Canvas Doodle cannot play or record full HD videos. 720p videos are lag free.

I had no issues with 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The speaker volume / in call volume is good, sound is clear. There is no A-GPS option in the GPS settings but you can get a lock under 30 seconds.

Games on Micromax A111
I tried the Nova 3 game you can check the review video. The game play is smooth but most of the time you will strange graphic image showing up. I have seen this issue on Nova 3 running on Qualcomm with Adreno 203 GPU, probably you will not find this on other games.

The 2100 mAh battery seems good with talktime of over 5 hours on 2G networks. I used the handset for some time and it should last for 1 day with ease.

Micromax Canvas Doodle A111 review
It’s a big handset with good built quality. There are 3 things that disappointed me. The screen resolution, qualcomm chipset and the price. We have already discussed the resolution and the chipset as for the price it is Rs. 10k approx.. I mean canvas HD is around 13K why not go for the HD instead?

Image Gallery

Sample Images

Micromax A111 unboxing and review video

Sample 720p video shot using the Micromax Doodle handset

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  1. I have already purchased fruitdevil game in 50 rs. But now i have reset my phone! Do i need to buy the game again?

  2. Sir/ mam
    I wan to install what’s up on my mob but some errer ther
    Pls give me suggetion

  3. Micromax Doddle A110 dont have Camera sound On/Off option, & has a huge sound on evry click,,, I would like to slap the software designer who does not have a proper tools in it, And a bitter kick to the QA person who passed it to market befor checking its all operations in practically…The worst Smartphone I ever had. It does Not have proper service centers, Please dont buy it dont waset your money…

  4. Hi,

    I brought A111 Micro max mobile in august month still now in between frequently mobile gets hang. However managed with that but now suddently stoped working mobile not booting, when we press start key blue light blinks and doesn’t respond, tried removing batterly, sim, sd card but problem same.

    could be help what will be the problem.

  5. How to do 3g video calling????? Help me out…. without any apps like skype,hangouts, etc….. is there any possibility, coz i never see any video calling option in my phone call settings.

  6. Hi,
    I am using Micromax canvas doodle.
    I have a problem with it, after removal of audio jack still it showing audio jack symbol on my screen so that i can’t able to attend call without headphone. what is the issue, and what i should do for this.?

  7. Hi gogi,
    Actually i bought this mobile month back but am facing problem related to music player when i play music and press ON in sound effects then its works fine but as soon i moved to other stuff like internet them it automatically stop the sound effect option .so in that case i have to go again amdopen sound effect then it starts working but oherwise not..pls.helpe out

  8. hi really nice mobile but after one week its over hanging when open game ya net really slow, i uninstalled the game then also automatically exit for game ya website,battery backup is very bad but OK not bad

  9. when i open face book or few other internet sites, last few letters of lines of text are not appearing. i gave the feed back to micromax but they did not bother to reply. probably busy in sales ! other features of the phone are satisfactory.

  10. I bought this and when I brought it home and saw its display i was shocked ….its too straining for your eyes…
    I sold it for 1800 bucks less and then bought canvas hd……which is the best.
    mobile is nearest to your eyes so dont buy such crap

  11. better mobile why people face this much of problem with canvas a111 i use this pone still now it was the best phone with 10k and am updated my ram with SD memory card now it was fantastic i use this phone only for net and games it was fully good phone i give 4.5 rating and only drawback is wight and battery Nd don’t use camera worst cam use cam 360 app for best quality

  12. Dear All
    Don’t buy A11 phone its very bad i buy but m not satisfied.
    its over hanging . processing is very slow Ram is too much less,Heating unnecessary , Charging Problem,no Good Battery Backup, not supporting apps good.
    Don’t buy this Phone

    1. This phone Micromax Canvas doodle A111 comes with lots of features at a 11k price. I bought it on 1st september, 2013. i was facing with the touch screen problem from day 2 and after a month on 1st october the touch screen stopped functioning. The battery life is very bad. 8 to 10 hours of charging gives only 1 hour talk time and the battery gets heated very quickly while speaking on phone and while charging. Over all not a good smart phone to buy.

  13. Nice review
    Ibought this phone.all the game like asphalt 7,six gun,gangstar 3,4 runs perfectly
    but i cant run NOVA 3 and modern combat.Can you please tell me from where you downloaded NOVA 3.If possible please tell me that i can play MC3 in my phone

  14. Hello Gogi,
    I have researched too much for suitable phone for me & finally i have shortlisted two:micromax canvas doodle(a111) & canvas 2 plus(a110q).And now i am badly confused which one should i buy as two have almost same price.Please help me as soon as you can.

  15. Please tell me which processor chipset is generallly best…. Snapdragons.. d Qualcomm or the mediatek…. pl tel me that gets me 2 decide whether i get this fone or nt

    1. to swetha and singhvi- pls read the review before asking the same ques. clearly this doodle 111 is overpriced and NOT WORTH IT, DO NOT BUY. go for A110Q- best at 12k, beyond that price Do NOT buy MMX or Karbonn or any China junks, go for samsung, or HTC or sony xperia, HTC desire V at 13K is very good. try it.

  16. Hello gogi sir,
    Sir i am planning to buy a new phone with a budget of under 12k.Is this phone a good option or are there any oder good options ? plz recommend some phones and the best phone among them. It will be of great help.
    Thankin you sir 🙂

  17. gogi if the phone was powered by a mt6589m processor and had a qhd resolution I believe that it could had been a super hit especially with the accessories, what are your thoughts gogi

  18. Sir I wanted to buy Lava Iris 504q . You have been there in the Lava Iris 504q launching event. Its available for preorder at infibeam and with their discount coupon its coming for 12.8k which is a good value deal compared to mmx a116 and q1000. Would you recommend to buy this?? How you felt overall this phone is it good or bad?

  19. instead of “powered by qualcomm” u must write ” qualcomm s4 play” as it is misleading d user

    even a dual core qualcomm s4 pro or dual core krait chipset can easily beat mediatek quadcore

  20. Gogi bro why did u feels qualcomm a cheaper one???in devs point of view these socs are really friendly…ur really partial to mtk cpus…but adreno 205 is enough to play hd vids while 203 cannot…anyway nice review…

    1. Well but does A111 come with 205? no its 203, for the price you can get Zen 701 HD with mediatek processor and HD screen and it can play and record full HD videos. I am not saying this blindly there is proof check the videos and compare.

      1. Yes bro il support u this is really overpriced…and i knw it uses adreno 203 but if it uses 205 what will u do??sure ul really work hard to make cons outta it but while coming to mtk as ur mtk fan ul blindly reccomend saying just change ur mindset abt qualcomm ur truly opposing it…everytjme…..

        1. I am not opposing qualcomm, but in the present low cost scenario they are no better. And you also agree and using words like if it uses 205? Its Adreno 203 if it was 205 it will be different picture. I make the judgement based on what the handset has in it not what it could have!

          1. Hmm…let us see…if qualcomm socs made a better scenario and u still prefer mtk….coz u generally reviews low cost phones u doesnt knw d power of qualcomm…

          2. sahitya, I will prefer the one that is the best. Does not matter if its qualcomm, mediatek or any other.. I hope that answers the question.

          3. +1 to Gogi…

            Qualcomm chip 8x25Q does use not only low powered cortex [A5] but also use very weak GPU Adreno 203 and on top of it, its 45 nm Technology, that means not only that the chip is low powered, it more power consuming also…
            Till 8x26Q[S400] comes from qualcomm, MTK is way ahead of Qualcomm.

          4. Ok bro let us see…ul review some more phns….let us see if u hv chngd ur mindset abt qualcomm soc if its good…but look qualcomm cannot provide cheap chipsets like mtk….even though apple iphone 5 is less powerfull and high costed than s4 etc,still people look for i phone 5 coz of brand name and reliability…just like that qualcomm too…friendly fr devs like me

  21. 2 points only for its size and build.

    pathetic processor and even pathetic RAM

    1. Depends on Benchmark app to app, quadrant score is higher for qualcomm + Adren 203 GPU but Antutu is less.

  22. I am not understand gogi why ur rating are good for this fone its gpu CPU suck resolution sucks and 5.3 inch screen is horrible why go with these set go with Zen 701 I used it and its performance is like my s3

    1. The handset quality is good and size is 5.3 that’s why 3/5 (2.5 now am doing review of Karbonn S2), there are big phones with dual core with similar resolution.

  23. Screen resolution is really disappointing. With 5.3 inch handset we need 2600 mah battery. Processor is also not that good.

  24. If provided 1GB RAM , may would have been a “OK” buy. But Overall less RAM poor CPU + GPU combination has make this poor buy. Really disappoint.