The Micromax A110 Superfone canvas 2 specifications are out and are now listed on the Micromax superfone website.  The pricing details are still not confirmed officially by Micromax.

The next most awaited 5 inch (4.9 inches to be precise) smartphone the Superfone canvas 2 is here. The A110 might as well be available within few days, and hopefully there will be plenty of stock.  The A110 as we all know if an improved version of A100 with advance features.

To start with the Superfone canvas 2 comes with a 1GHz dual core processor (chipset unknown) with Android 4.0.4 OS and dual SIM support. The display screen is 12.5 cm i.e. 5 inches (4.92 inches) with IPS screen, 16 m colours for life like clarity. The supported resolution is 480×854 pixels ~196ppi. The display also comes with AGC Sodaline screen protection. The AGC is a special glass shield that is scratch, impact and even explosion resistant. It offers smooth touch response and protects the screen from cracking in case of accidental drop.

Micromax A110

As compared with the single core Micromax A100 the A110 is slimmer. A100 is with 11.9mm thickness whereas the Micromax A110 sports a slimmer body with a 9.7mm thickness.  Android 4.0.4 comes pre-loaded with full access to google play. No word if it will be entitled for a JB (Jelly Bean) update.

Micromax A110 canvas 2

For connectivity there is 3G (HSDPA), 2G, USB, GPS, Bluetooth 3, Wi-Fi and 3.5 mm jack. The camera has been enhanced to 8 Megapixel. There is a front camera too of VGA resolution. As far as the memory is concerned I believe it will be 512MB with 4GB internal and micro SD support. I think if the phone did come with 1GB memory, Micromax would have surely highlighted it on their page – but you never know, for now it’s safe to assume it to be under 1GB i.e. 512MB. The battery is of 2000 mAh capacity with 180 hours of standby time and about 5 hours of talktime.

Micromax A110 camera 8MP

Micromax A110 Key features and Specifications

  • 1GHz dual core + Dual SIM.
  • Android 4.0.4 (ICS) OS.
  • 512MB RAM, 4GB internal and microSD card up to 32GB.
  • 5 inch capacitive IPS touchscreen with AGC Sodaline screen protection. Resolution FWVGA (480×854).
  • 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth 3.0 and micro USB.
  • A110 is available in Calm White and Jet Black colours.
  • 8MP rear and front VGA camera. Other features LED flash, 4x zoom. I think it should be capable of shooting HD videos (though not mentioned on Micromax site).
  • Sensors : Gravity, (light, proximity – not confirmed).
  • 2000 mAh with 180 hours standby and 5 hours talktime.
  • Price : Not confirmed – Under Rs. 11,000.

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  1. hey friends please give mee suggesion
    m confused
    a 110 or core 8262
    same question
    life, service, bettry, application storage
    chrging nd aalll

  2. hey m jst thinking ti buy canvas 2
    bt m cunfused between dsone nd samsung core 8262
    pls give right sugeesn
    memory starge sercie nd lyf

  3. Dear friends I purchased micromax superfone canvas to i want Adobe reader software so where to get this pl inform if ve any one pl mail us

  4. Hi Gogi, Is it possible to run internet through Tata photon+ on Micromax Canvas2 A110 superphone?
    Please reply.

  5. I own a Micromax Canvas 2
    i wanted to know whether SanDisk Memory Card MicroSDHC 16GB will work or not in this phone???
    please reply asap

  6. Gogi bhai, nowadays when I connect my Canvas 2 with my PC through data cable, the PC doesnt detect the phone and the USB connected option doesnt pop-up in the phone, although the charging of phone is on! I have tried different cables and different computers also, but of no use! Any remedies Plz?

      1. Yes Gogi bhai I tried it on my office pc, but in vain. Actually today as i changed the cable it got connected one time and while connected a call came, which i answered. After that it didn’t connect by the new cable also even after rebooting both pc and cell many times.

        1. Did you enabled USB Debugging in accessibility settings. And also check if the mediatek drivers are installed on your pc. If not google search and they are easily available.

    1. I am having the same problem, even i tried many datacables, no popups, no new device found, only charging happens, any body has a solution please

  7. Gogi bro, can u tell me that whats d solution for Droidwall iptable issue. Kernel doesn’t support any firewall. Hope u know the answer.

  8. Dear Mr Gogi,
    I have purchased Micromox a110 15 days back.
    And gravity sensor is nor working. When I am playing temple run game its now tilting. What do i do now.please help

  9. hi Gigi I am using Micromax A110 but there is no task manager in it where as we have a task manager in Samsung which used to clear ram memory…… please suggest me….. also please tell me how to upgrade my phone to jellybean

  10. hi gogi….
    please look in the issue…n reply me asap…..I am facing a strange issue…on my canvas2….I m nt able to open facebook on any browser except opera mini…..and even if I use the app…it shows network error ol the time….on chrome when I entr its loads a little and then stops…..n I m nt able to use facebook on my phone….please help me in this matter,,,,i have tried turning the phone reset to factry state….etc…ol the common techniques.,…but still tell me ol d options u case I missed out any of it….
    n yeah….sometimes while opening facebook its shows me that unable to open secure connection….help me out….

  11. Hi I can use 3g video calling on a110 with 3g activate mtnl mumbai network but shown on screen only one person incoming calling person not shown.

  12. Hi gogi,
    I bought a110 2 months back but today suddenly inner speaker phone is not working ,so am attending calls through ear phones ,pls suggest a solution

    Thanks in advacne


  13. HI gogi,
    I bought Micromax A110 2 months back but today the inner speaker is not working,when i get a call i want to put ear phones to speak with others,pls suggest me whether it is handset problem or should restart with factory settings


  14. Hi Gogi,
    I am using MMX a110 since Jan’13, but today I encountered an issue.
    I had inserted a 32gb class10 msd and I have almost 29gb of data in it. Today when I opened my files half the data was gone(14gb)
    Eg: I had a movie 3-idiots (900mb)
    now the file exists but with 0mb (3-idiots (0mb))
    When I open the file from mxplayer, error msg is “sorry cannot play the file”
    I have the same experience when I used a 4gb card with almost 3.5gb full

    Can you pls help me what to do ?

    1. Is the card working on any other device? I mean can you play the same movie on other device like PC via card reader?

  15. Hello,

    I purchased a micromax A110 today, and it was working fine for 2 hours without sim card inserted into it and then after sometime i switched off the phone and inserted the sim card but now my fone is not booting up and its shows blank screen.. Kindly help… 🙁

  16. I have bought the A110 a month ago and I am very pleased with it. However, I have a couple of queries:

    1) The battery is not charging through the USB mode. The battery icon shows charging but there is no change in the percentage status. The charging works fine in the standard plugin charger

    2) When I am using any other headset (apart from MMX) the sound quality is distorted and there is a static noise.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Team how to get the notification red or green light when there are missed calls or new messages ..whr is the setting path in micromax A110 or do we need to install an app for ,so that the light blinks .like the one in samsung s3

  18. Hi Gogi Sir,Im using MMX A110 from nov 2012, all is well. Can any one advise me on apps that shows my phone CURRENT location without using internet… And after phone gets stolen or misplaced , is there anything like i can find location from internet in computer even when that phone is not connected with internet ? is it possible . if not then what is possible solution to anti-theft app to find stolen phone we can do appropriately to save it

    I have already posted same in Gogi other review page , but unable to find it , that is why reposting here.
    Kindly please comment on this ….

  19. The device looks decent in specs,it is also affordable.Micromax has really stepped up to grab the big share in the Indian mobile market.It augurs well for them.It is an indian company and i am happy for it.

    Canvas will become flagship name for Micromax just like Galaxy name with samsung.

  20. If u wanna take screenshot in canvas 2 its very easy press volume – & power simuntaneously the shot will be taken.

    1. You don’t know how to use it…..please let us know the issue you are facing, do you have this mobile?

  21. Hi Mr. Gogi

    I just paid a visit to a nearby accessories shop to buy this OTG cable .. Before buying it I wanted to test it .. So I carried a pen drive along with me .. But when I inserted the pen drive .. There was no “OTG storage” in the file manager on my Canvas 2 .. Please help me ..!! Also .. I use an MTS MBlaze modem for my PC .. I want to use this for my Canvas 2 too .. Is this possible .. If so, how ??

  22. Hello Mr. Gogi

    I just wanted to ask you whether we can take screenshots on the A110 using the hardware (i.e the Volume Up button .. Power button etc.) ? Also , I would like to tell you that one day I accidentally pressed the volume up button and the power button simultaneously and then I got a shutter sound and a screenshot was captured .. I am not using any application for screenshots. So, I strongly believe that there is a way to capture screenshots on this device . Please help me as I want to take screenshots on my device ..!

        1. u just need to press the volume down and power key at the same time and keep it pressed for about 1-2 seconds…ur screenshot will be captured… z a feature given in icecream n above OS by default…

  23. Hello all,

    I am using this mobile for last one month. Now I am noticing , when I am receiving a call it’s not showing caller network name,showing same as my network. But in my friend’s handset shows correctly. Please suggest me if have any idea to solve this issue.

  24. hello sir , i am using a110 since 4 month its awesome .my friend is also planning to buy it ,he want to use it in united kingdom ,will it work there or it require some security to be broken?

  25. Though A110 has AGC (special glass) – Accidentally the A110 handset slipped out of my hand and the display glass is cracked. The height was around 3 feet & handset is having it rexine cover which is provided as accessaries. So, for me the quality of Display glass is not up to the mark.