Xiaomi had launched the Mi Note 2 and the Mi MIX concept Smartphone in China. Hugo Barra VP Xiaomi had already mentioned that these handsets will not be launched in India. They already have a flagship the Mi 5 in India and they do not want to bring in more flagship models for now.

The Mi Note 2 and the Mi MIX handsets are really awesome and if they are launched in India they are going to do well, there is no doubt about it. Having said that it takes time creating the Mi Note 2 / Mi MIX handset, the production process is slow / time consuming, Xiaomi cannot handle two big markets they simple don’t have the capacity. Hence it makes sense to concentrate only on one market.

The handsets are awesome especially the Mi MIX and the pricing is quite tempting. It will do well in the medium to premium price segment. If Xiaomi is not keen in getting these handsets into India, it’s definitely related to production capabilities.

mi note 2 and mi mix not coming to india

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in