Mi Drone for RMB 2499, Mi band 2 launch expected soon

Few days back on 25th May Xiaomi had launched the Mi Drone that comes in two variants the one that can shoot 1080p videos and the other one that can shoot 4K videos, the FHD / 4K Mi Drone are priced accordingly.

Xiaomi Mi band 2 fitness device that includes a display was leaked in April, but because of some production issues the launch was delayed. At the Mi Drone launch event Xiaomi CEO did mentioned that the Mi Band 2 will be made available on June 7th, so most likely it will be launched on or before 7th June.

Xiaomi Mi Drone features and specifications

Mi Drone comes with 4 propeller system, the shields can be detached. As mentioned users can go for the Drone with 4K camera or the one that comes with 1080p camera. This drone can record 720p live videos with low latency from a distance of up to 2km.

Xiaomi Mi Drone

It can shoot smooth videos thanks to the 3 axis gimbal on which the camera is mounted. Mi Drone is light weight and gets power from a 5100 mAh battery (17.4V) that gives up to 27 minutes of flying time.

This device also comes with built in GPS with GLONASS and supports vision based positioning for greater precision. The Drone can auto take off / land, fly in circle focused on an object on the ground, waypoint flight path and users can tap to fly on a map.

Mi Drone launched with 4K and 1080p recording

It’s intelligent – will return automatically when battery is low, can detect no-fly zones and will hover at the edges. In case of a crash the drone can be easily retrieved via real time location tracking. Mi Drone is using a Modular design and comes with foldable landing gears.

Mi Drone remote control

The PCB antenna amplifies the signal giving user ability to control the Drone from a longer distance. The 1080p version can be controlled up to 1km and the 4K version can be controlled up to 2km. This Drone can take photos and videos. It’s using Ambarella sports image processor – 1080p version can shoot in 16MP resolution and record 1080p videos at 60fps. The 4K Drone can shoot in 12.4MP resolution (RAW) and can record in 3840 x 2160p resolution.

The Price Mi Drone 1080p for RMB 2499 (Rs. 25,000) and Mi Drone 4K for RMB 2999 (Rs. 30,600).


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